Monday, June 4, 2012

Gift within a Gift

He Is Faithful to keep His promises and take care of His kids even when we don't think we need or expect it.
 4th part of this story:

Second week of January rolled around we get into Baylor and say well we got it all and are ready to start.we go in and they are all excited so they sit me down and take one final set of impressions and that's when Dr. G was like OK Samuel I need the dentures back...
ah what i said.yea did you not bring them i told them that when they call to confirm your appointment to make sure to tell you to bring them...
OK so nobody told me but I had that feeling they would be asking for them..problem I know i have them I just don't know where i put them. Dr.Gonzales looked at my like they should be in your mouth were i last left them.I thought well they didn't fit so i stopped using them.He said look we will take these impressions then set up your next 4 or 5 appointments,I need you to go home and find them and bring them to me asap.there is so much information on the dentures they are very important to me.So Leilani says don't worry just go home get them and bring em here.if you cant find them that's what all these appointments or for.we will just build another one.besides your sure you didn't leave them in Hawaii right?
oh snap maybe i did...I had gone to Hawaii that past June to help my parents move and they could of gotten lost or left behind in the move...
 I spent the rest of the day wondering were they were. and the next day my mom calls and says son I have your dentures please come and get them...Praise God Praise God i yelled.So that next Monday i brought them up.waited 2 weeks and went to my next appointment where they told me that after surgery they will screw in the bottom and give me a denture to wear on the top for the next 8-9months. because they don't want the implants to fall out or something..
the fun part come next waiting 2 months for march 23rd to was the longest wait it felt like.and the weekend before the operation VII was having a retreat om how to study God's word I figured i could go to that so that after surgery i had something to do.3weeks leading up to the surgery fear came in,back and forth also nervousness I was becoming scared of the little doses when it came to the last day of the retreat we were sitting down for lunch \before we would head home.and a friend of mine gave me this eye she was all your excited right.i looked across the table and said no well yes,,well I'm more nervous then anything.then she said did you tell him? as she pointed to our pastor of VII.i said NO,no i didn't..

(this story isn't a story that i go around telling everyone,I love to share it but for me to do so it requires a lot of time.+ it can be used in great ways to encourage people but not everyone is willing to i wait for the opportune moments)

just then Pastor Steven said tell me what? I said oh um well I then Jen jumps in and says he is having surgery,Pastor Steven said yea he said he was but i thought in a few days maybe a week..I said nope its bright and early tomorrow morning lasting all day..Pastor Steven said OK wait surgery for what.then it was all over because Jen said something I had not choice but to share with the entire table the goodness,Faithfulness and kindness of God,how he can bring hope and restoration..knowing that we didn't have a lot of time i had to shorten my extra long story into half the time. I love to share this story when I can so i began to speak.and as I'm telling the story Jen who has heard it many times her eyes lit up as they did the first time she heard it.I could tell that she gets something out of it every time she hears well as everyone in the table had this blown away look on them.Then about half way through pastor Steven says OK wait wait what does this have to do with the surgery tomorrow and when are we getting to that part..I said shortly we are getting there shortly.oh OK cool he said.
so I share the beginning middle of this story up to were we are now in this journey.was like tomorrow I'm going into all day surgery were they will grind down like 1 1/2inch of my lower jaw because i have to much jawbone down there then set 4 implants on the top and 4 on the bottom then screw in the bottom teeth which are temporary and give me a denture for the top that I'll wear for 8-9 months before they give me the real permanent implants for both top and bottom.
Pastor Steven was blown away by this story as was the whole table.everyone became excited and said it was awesome then Steven was like so your gonna be like this supper cool model smiling huge smiles showing off your teeth to everyone! I laughed a bit and said no,no i wont I'll just be me with teeth i said, he walked over a prayed for peace over me.instantly i felt peace again. after that my friends wife came over and said about half with threw my story she realized i was giving God the glory by sharing it the way that i do.and that it was cool she thanked me for sharing as did some others.

the next morning was like whoa!

on the drive up a thought for a split second on how cool would it be to have a screw in temp for the top.quickly dismissed the thought because i knew the plans were set.this is the way its going down and so just be happy.
we get to the hospital and go to pay when they say we cant withdraw the 15 thousand so we need another form of payment or we will reschedule..What! half awake but mostly asleep I thought great,the Secretary was like here try this this and that .I call my sister who is the card holder to get a busy signal.then i began to pray.the secretaries were trying all different ways to get the card to work.after i prayed i kinda just sat there,then my aunt jumps up and says look give him his card will put it on my card and I'll deal with her later..we know that the longer he is out here the longer we have to stay lets move this along...
WOW if my aunt had not come then maybe it wouldn't have gone down like that.Thank You Jesus for sending the right people.
so my nurse comes to get me and take me to the surgery place.she looks as if shes having a really bad day.I so i ask hard morning? she says yes! i say awe that's to bad.then the Holy Spirit drops in and says pray for her! I say OK!
miss would you mind if i pray for you? She said What! i said well do u believe in God? she says yes absolutely! well then can i pray for you.she was taken back by the fact that a complete stranger offered to pray for her i i began to pray that the Lord would restore her health and bring healing to were it was needed.
When i finished my doctors walked in and we began the surgery first by having me sign a paper that gave them permission to film the surgery or not.In my mind i thought absolutely i mean they are helping me why cant i help them which will in turn help others...sometime during the middle of it i woke up and tried to pull the IV out of my hand twice so they strapped my arm down.a woke up several of times and quickly put back under. i remember them telling me to open wider and stuff.but in the end I could feel the vibrations from the drill drilling in the last two implants it wasn't fun and i tried so hard to go back to sleep..
but no dice they had began the process of waking me up.during the last 2 implants i could hear Dr.Schow talking to me and saying how well the procedure went so well.
later the nurse came to take me to a different room to get the teeth  installed as i laid there Dr.G and Leilani came over and said I heard it was a success! We are so happy for you now open up and let me see Samuel. so i opened and they did what they for me i was supper groggy and don't remember a lot of it,except my whole face was numb and they began to give me more drugs like morphine! a little while later i heard them all talking and saying "well i think we should try it.It just might work", Leilani :"so doctor are we going to"...Dr,G:"Yes we are!" hand me the blah blah blah.I seriously don't know what he said right there ha ha ha.
Next thing i know is that they make another impression for the top using the same denture i assumed it would mold to the shape of it now.honestly i don't remember what was happening.all i knew is the my mouth was getting hot to the point of i could not stand it and began to squirm around flying my hands in the air trying to get someones attention.then the doctors turn around and said whats wrong.i point at my nose then mouth and being that i cant talk try to say it hot.He says what is it hot? i nodded yes.he said well let me see and stuck his finger in my mouth only to quickly remove it and say holy..That is hot Leilani get the water..there is that better? Yes i nodded and began to fall asleep.when they were done Dr.G said your aunt is coming with a smoothie it will help with the swelling.and after that we want you to go to sleep for a couple of hours and will wake you when its time.they left and as i looked around the room i saw a picture of some implants,earlier like when i first came into this room i had that thought come back to me on how cool would it be to get a screwed in upper..

My aunt appeared out of nowhere and handed me a smoothie.she began to talk i listened and reached for a pen and paper wrote down something and soon after passed out..they woke me up several hours later and fitted both top and bottom.2 hours later after tweaking there work he screwed in the lower and then screwed in the upper.and said smile i did, they said amazing it looks so good and so natural.they were very excited and so happy.right before letting me go they gave me more morphine and shoot me 7 more times with Novocaine.they let us go home with subscription.

I couldn't believe it.that God blessed me within the blessing.

the first 2 days were not so was the 3rd night the kicked my butt.I had just taken a painkiller when about an hour later this massive headache developed.i could do anything but lay in a ball  wrapped up in a couple of thick blanket because I was freezing cold and actually crying big ole alligator tears because the slightest move would send shivers down my spine and return with excruciating pain like Ive never felt before.know that i couldn't take another painkiller for 2 hours I began to pray and call out for God to help me pass out or take the pain away..just in that moment the enemy began to speak and speak of things to bring me down and get me to doubt God.Yes he comes to kick us when we are already down and at our weakest point..I knew that God was not to blame for this and that I would not die like it began to feel like i would.but to trust in Him even then...then next morning that headache was mostly gone but still there.after making a call to Baylor the doctor said to take some Aleve it will work with the painkillers I thought really? if only i had know this before i left the hospital.

a week later i told my sister what had happen and was excited she said well lets see the cost.i felt there was no extra cost and That God had blessed me,so we go for a check up a week later and Leilani begins to explain to Marylynn what sister was like OK so how much extra is this going to cost? and Leilani said nothing,"we were happy to do it"
so here's what they did in surgery they put 4 extra implants then instead of the denture for the top they put me to sleep while they made the upper temporary screw in.before me they always give the patient a temporary denture for the  allowing the implants to heal before putting any kind of pressure to them while screwing on the teeth.but in my case they felt really good about doing it this way...

I believe that God gave me the desire of my heart,the one i would not ask him for.and also gave them the confidence to step out and try something new.something they have never done before.which is screwing in the top piece right after surgery. blessed me and opened a door for them.
I  am basically Baylor's Guinna but I love it!

by screwing in the top and bottom i find it is easier to talk. after 2 weeks of constantly biting my tongue,cheeks and lip.this chewing with teeth thing is getting easier.some one asked my last night if I had restrictions on what i could eat..I said NOPE i can finally eat corn on the cob,almonds,and steak,apples,pineapple,I can eat anything that is hard or way to ice cream without getting a headache or chew on ice...these teeth are great they are made out of acrylic and are only temporary until 6-9 months from now..still don't know how well get 25k but I know its coming.

 its been a little longer then when i had hoped to post this. So here's an update. its been a couple months since the teeth have been installed now.and when i first wrote this i was biting my tongue,lip and cheek every day several sucked.but now that only happens once in a great while.these teeth feel so natural in the beginning it felt like something in my mouth but now its like they were there all along. went in for a check up before going on a mission trip and Dr. Schow was impressed by the way they are looking and how I've been taking good care of them.we talked for a bit and i said i could eat anything and everything from steak to almonds.He said wait wait wait.and No no no.because the implants need at least 6moths to fuse to the bone I am not allowed to eat hard things and tough meats.bummer just when i was getting to like almonds to...oh well i can wait.I've been waiting 4yrs whats another 4 months. anyways everything is great with these teeth I LOVE them and LOVE the One who provided me with them even more!
can't wait till Aug.that's the next appointment and when half is Due.

I Love my sister she is the one person who stood by my side and walked this out with me for 3 1/2 years.many ups and downs but always pressing me to do better and finding ways to make it work