Sunday, April 29, 2012

a different way

how could u take a story in the making for 3 1/2 years and just narrow it done to say God gave me teeth while displaying the big and very small details in the adventure its ups and downs...Sure I could have just said God is good and He alone provided me with teeth.
really though where's the fun in that!

But I  just cant bring myself to tell it that when it does get shared it must be shared in all its fullness. for every part is Him all involved in the business of changing hearts and blessing people along the way.

Changing hearts is the way i stated it to a friend not to long ago.I was sharing more of this story to him as new thing were happening and "it was never about getting teeth,It about Him changing hearts in the process of this adventure"

Part 3

Tuesday morning 11 am in the fall of 2010 we go to meet doctor Schow still with the old plan in mind we enter the work area where this 6ft gentleman wearing a white dentist coat walks in and say are you Samuel? yes i am.
well hello its good to meet you my name is Dr Schow..Mind if i take a look? open wide as he looks and pokes around to see what he finds He starts to poke at my lower jaw and say does that hurt?
ah no I said,he said are you sure as if i was lying that it didn't hurt. 
Nope i said.
huh well that's odd he said quietly under his breath,are you taking any medicines for pain of any kind? 
No i replied.
 OK well lets talk about what we can do for you.
My sister brought up the old plan and i agreed but Dr. Schow said that was a good plan but this time its gonna take longer,its gonna be more expensive but i believe its gonna work out should you want to continue this. yes i said will continue on.Good he said well here what I'm thinking

you'll need the jaw surgery and that's no problem I can do that with ease.
 the more though area is where to do it?
we said the last time they were going to do it in Baylor medical.he said yes and that could possibly happen but i wanna avoid keeping him in there hospital rooms it will not be cheap.I'm thinking we can use the facilities here in the dentist area to save on cost of use the other facilities and either then transfer him to a room for a day or 2 to monitor his situation or keep him here over night..let me work that out and will get back to after the surgery and after you healed you'll come back in to set the implants and my good friend Dr.Gonzales will be making your teeth.(at that time i did not realize he was the same doctor in the old plan making the fact i don't recall even seeing him..maybe i did but who knows there where a hand full of them there at that time)

so let me arrange for you to meet with him and I'll be there to then we can go from there.Dr Schow then tells me again its gonna take longer, cost more but it will all work out..first i would like for you to come in for a small surgery earlier when i was looking in your mouth I noticed on the lower jaw u have jaw bone sticking out of the gums,I would like to grind that back down under the gums for you...You should be in tremendous amounts of pain.but why you are not is beyond if you'll let me.Yes i said yes u we made my first appointment and I came in for that surgery it was quick and he prescribed some pain killers.

(I know why it didn't hurt.its the same reason that when i had infected teeth for many years the infect never got down in my heart or traveled up into my brain.both of which could of killed me.
Its because He has been holding it back.) (that may sound silly but its what i believe so that my story and im sticking to

a couple days after i stopped using the pain killer it didn't hurt and so i didn't feel like taking something not needed. we went back to Baylor a week later as he said open wide and began to look he made a few snips cutting away extra stitches that didn't dissolve in time.He said I wish all of my patients healed like you Samuel. a little puzzled i said huh,then he said well you healed up fast then the stitches had time to dissolve  and its looking fantastic. so I'll see you in a few months and we will be begin to plan..Thank you I said and we were on our way. a few weeks later we meet with Dr Gonzales and this time it wasn't just my sister or just my Aunt Betty it was both of them and uncle mike came to.the whole core support team. Aunt Betty came a number of time since this whole thing started but today it was like team Kainoa packed inside the dentist office.each one waiting to see what is going to happen next.
Dr.Gonzales and his assistant Dr Leilani walks in and doctor Schow came later/we all begin discussing the details..(so one thing about me i don't exactly pay attention to details and every word that is said so i get the big picture in the simplest of terms) everyone else in this group hears details. So the plan was going to be have Doctor Schow come in and he will break the jaw and push it back 1/2inch thus making it possible for both top and bottom teeth to line up,(Ouch break my jaw)
I remember them saying we needed 10k to start this and that Dr.Schow would be doing it the Baylor facilities so it will cut the cost and they would make me an out patient then after all the healing like a 1yr or 2 then we would go back in and set all the implants wait to heal then set the actual teeth and your done.this way will cost more and take longer but we will make it work.My doctors were very confident that everything would work out great.and I was like great its going to take even matter what is a few more years of waiting..
A few months later My sister and I went back in to tell Doctor Schow that we had gotten the 10k needed and was ready to start,We had about 3k saved up when my Uncle P gave to me a check for 7k.Thank You Jesus for providing this cost.

Doctor Schow said great but first we want to trying something,well Dr.Gonzales wants to try something.
Dr.G steps in the room and says I want to explore all of the options first before we go and break your jaw.Let me take an impression of your mouth and lets take some x-rays today.

My 2 doctors work really well together both allowing them to try new things instead of one power tripping on the other and saying look it going to be done this way. Doctor Schow was older and has tremendous influence in Baylor but still he was like OK lets try this your way first.
So we did a little bit that day.every time we came in for an appointment and the work they did was always free.we had already been to a number of appointments and was now about to be doubled even tripled the amount I found my self spending a lot of time at Baylor.

Dr.Gonzales was building a case for his computer to make a 3-D model of my entire face,jaw and head.showing how implants would fit in and what angles to drill them into. since he noticed that I have a cleft pallet he know that the bones structure would be different then normal people. by doing it this way he could see if implants were even a possibility.because had they broke the jaw and it doesn't work could put it back together like it was.
so with the model complete they were able to build me a set of temporary dentures for a picture they needed. when they were complete they called me back in to fit them and take the picture.

it seems they did a lot of work to take one picture.and they did but at the end of it Dr.Gonzales had a change of heart and said here i want u to have these dentures and start to wear them so that u get used to having something in your mouth.
they are just for looks you wont be able to eat with em.
(yes i did try to eat with them right when i got em! I remember going to meet a friend for lunch i had orange chicken...didn't work out so well..LOL)

we I got brought back in a week later to see if the fit was still good.seeing that it was They said that a plan with all the numbers is being drawn up and sent to my house.
I went back one more time to see if they could smooth out the upper denture because it would cut me every time i put it in or took it they did and the first time was good,the second shave it got shaved to much and no matter how much fixident i put on it just wouldn't hold.

a week later this came in

 I showed this to my sister and be came both excited and kinda worried because I didn't have that kind of money nor did i have a job that could pay for it.
about the beginning of the year  Matthew 6:25 drop into my spirit,not knowing what it said i quickly found my Bible and looked it up.
It says do not worry about your life what you will eat or drink,nor about your body what you will have to wear for the birds of the air do not worrying about what they will eat or the flowers of which they will worrying how can that add a cubit stature to your life.

(Cubit In the Greek is the word Pechys -  measure of length,time of hour
Stature in the Greek is the word Helikia - Life, time in life, age
So by worrying when can not bring back the time lost when we worry about thing)

 Therefore do not worry what you shall eat or what you shall drink or what you will wear. for you heavenly Father know of these things you need and will provide for you.

(open your bible and see what Matthew 6:25-34 says for your self.)

everyday from that first day and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.this verse would come up and so every time i would look it up and read it. then one day my sister had called Baylor to make sure she understood then contract right.they told her how it was and she called me quickly.She said that maybe it would be better if we tried "Plan B"
 plan B what the flip is plan B i thought.
she goes on to say that maybe it would be better if we took the money we had and used it to get some really nice dentures and that Uncle peter agreed to this...
right as she began to speak after she said plan B.
it welled up in my spirit and I knew why He had been giving me Matt 6:25 everyday.a few days before this i was sitting in Seven(church on Tues nights at 7pm for 18-30somthing check it out at
when the pastor began to speak on when God gives u a word to stand on..This had been happening to me but i had not realized it.
 so as she kept going on about how we can do this.because its 19K to start not 15K like we had thought,then after the first part of the surgery and after the healing well have 8-9months to come up with the other 25K.

Yes this looks seemingly impossible.... it could be for most low income families.we had 10K trying to get 5 more to start which really was 9 more.then 25 within 8-9 months after surgery...Well I might of folded when she said let go for plan B but I said there is no plan B.God gave me a word.... 
it is Matt6:25 Do Not Worry.everyday this word comes to mind and everyday i read it.I know now why its been coming to me sister.We are not supposed to worry about this.all we are required to do is believe in Him and believe He can.
so imma keep moving forward with His plan....
remember!!! we have done nothing to get us this far except believe so why not keep believing that He will finish His plan!

she tried to argue it a bit but i wasn't about to budge my mind was made up it was this way or no way.besides i didn't need teeth anyways i was perfectly fine the way it was.finally she agreed to walk it out since i was so sure that He gave me this word to stand on.She handed me the papers to sign and so We signed them..upon signing them its a contract saying that we will pay x amount when it is due and that we have all the money to do this..
all i can say is Faith and Trust in Him because we do not have it in our hands yet.but its coming and will be there on time.

that's what we did and we haven't yet try to fund-raise or do anything that I thought could help God come up with this the months rolled by i was less focused on the teeth and more focused on how i could serve Him. it was about Thanksgiving day and there i sat at my sisters house when i thought came across don't forget to call your Uncle P...yep you guessed it i forgot :-(  and the next day my sisters ask did you call your uncle? No i forgot.Well you should call him today!
OK OK so i did and we talked for awhile about whatever then he asked about the progress of the teeth and we talked about all the things that was going on and that we were in the waiting process of acquiring 9 thousand dollars.
  my poor uncle had spilled the beans on himself by saying well if i had know the importance of how soon you really need the money i would not have waited so long.
So here's what I'm going to do I was going to send you a check for 10K for your birthday(which was a month away on 12/26) to put directly into but seeing that u need it now I will drop the check in the mail on Monday morning.
This blew my mind I didn't know what to say or how to react..I said thank you he said your worth how you have grown since u first moved to uncle went on to saying that he knew if he could just get me off that island and away from everything that was pulling me down.that maybe just maybe I'd snap out of it and come home.(come home like the prodigal) Yes Jesus welcomed me with arms wide open and brought me back to the Father.

so i get this check and right as i do i say to my sister so how much is this check Uncle P is giving me.she wouldn't answer all she said how do u know about that? my whole family knew about this check except me.but now i knew because he told me and i was holding on to it.So i said well how ever much it was its cool cause he sent me a check for 10k.all of there jaws dropped.what they said they was supposed to be a gift...
 it is still a gift i said just earlier then what was expected. so we dropped it into the account and gave Baylor a call.I knew because of the lateness in the year nothing was going to be done and that we would have to wait until January of 2012. sure enough they called and we made appointments for the second week of January.

God is so good and I'm blessed beyond measure 

Part 4 of this never ending story coming soon

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Out with the Old

Part 2

After surgery they had removed all of my teeth and sent us home.for the first week i don't remember eating much I had stitches all the way across from left to right both upper and lower jaws.yup all gums. talk about different I just went from 28yrs mouth to grandpa mouth screaming "where"s my false teeth!!!" in a matter of a few hours...yea it was great and no it didn't hurt.they gave me drugs that I only took for 2 days then didn't need em.
My sister and I return to Baylor for a check up to get the extra stitches that did not dissolve out and to see when we could schedule are next appointments everything was great things are now moving along.
The next few months I ate soup all kinds of soup,soup and bread.then upgraded to Saimin then it was noodle for months all along the way trying different solid foods.Then it was time to go back to Baylor,it had only been a month maybe before we went back in,it was not good in fact the news was shocking.the Doctors began to tells us that everything just came to a stopping point and that we would have to wait until June/July before we can continue.I remember they said we should go down to the office and talk to a guy who was in charge of Baylor's Financial department. I do not remember this guys name but his face I've not forgotten. 

when we enter his office everything was really dark all the blinds were shut the lights were not all on and the atmosphere was heavy.My sister began to talk with this guy and ask question about when and what can be done about my case.I remembered him saying look I don't know,i just don't know how or when we will be able to get to your brothers case.Obama cut off Baylor's Budget money. We have no money coming in,there not enough money left now and even if some kind of funding came in here's the other problem your brother has 6 people in front of him so there's nothing we can do.sorry! now if you please I am very busy.So he kicked us out of his office.
The whole time i was in there I heard what he said but was still smiling maybe because i thought this sounded so funny to me.Marilynn says "sorry brother","why are you smiling?"they just said it was hopeless and impossible"....
Sometime between walking in to the heaviness of that office,hearing bad news and listening to what my sister just said.I had made a decision and stated that Nothing is Impossible for God and that He could make way...I don't know how to explain it but I just believed with my whole heart that what we see is impossible, for God nothing is Impossible and that with Him ALL things are Possible...
all my trust,faith,hope and just pure belief that He could make away kicked in.
From the time all this started up to that point I had went from being saved and not caring to listening to the preacher preach and teach the word of start becoming more interesting to me. we left the medical office.not sure how my sister felt in all this but I was just gonna stand on what I believe could happen.
Many months went by and the belief never faded in fact it got stronger and stronger.unlike before when hope would come and go come and go.this was very different.this hope never left it stayed and got stronger as my gums got more stronger, we went back in June to see if anything changed but nothing had happened. more months rolled by more growing spiritually and focusing less on the fact I had no teeth.

(The hardest part of having no teeth is not eating.its not smiling or laughing the hardest part for me was talking! i thought i sounded ridiculous to pronounce S or C was difficult because I thought I sounded like some gay guy when they try to talk like women..u know what I'm talking about u have friend who make fun of this way of talking..anyways EVERYTHING has a S or a C in it..I was working at Home Depot at the time so I had to talk to people.)

before we knew it was already November of 2009.  I was traveling to church one weds night,it was raining and i stopped at a stop light.the whole time i was here I had no friends and so sitting there I simply ask God OK so if I'm to stay here then could i have at least 1 or 2 good godly friends kinda like the person singing on this CD. 
 up to that point everyone i knew was my sister or brother in law's friends.well I did happen to make 40 friends in 2 weekends at Pathways but we all live so far apart.i need the kind of friends i could hang with daily or weekly.

(I love and thank God for all my friend in class 263)(these people help me through the hardest of hard times and made me feel like i was worth something.they had loved me and didn't care what i had walked threw to get to that point.they like me for me! and I love them for who they are)
so it was end of March beginning of April 2010,i believe that God had taken are tiny family and transported them to a new church home. Although I came by myself at first,its true The Lord will take the lonely and broken hearted and set them in large families. 

God sets the solitary in families;He brings out those who are bound into prosperity;But the rebellious dwell in dry land.Psalm 68:6 NKJV

A new church home with more to learn more to get involved with and just more more more is better.
at the very beginning of hearing about the $26K job my sister Marilynn had started a non-profit called it was designed to help me raise the funds we needed for this project.because even with the now extremely low price my uncle still didn't want to help.many friend from Pathways and other people had donated money to this project we had $3,500. in savings,we had business cards that we would hand out...OK just because my sister is probably going to read this and for the record I did not pass to many of them out she and my aunt gave them away.i gave maybe 1 or 2.
anyhow i started to pass some out to people i met at church not that i thought anyone would care or anything but just so that when my sister asked "did you give them a card?" i would have to lie and say yes!

little did i know it The Lord had put me in this new church for much greater purpose and a new direction i was to walk. started to get involved with a ministry Called Seven it was from 18-29 i had just turned 30 but the pastor said he wasn't gonna start carding people at the door.the way Seven is designed and Gateway church my life began to change more rapidly,getting involved with activities,meet one guy named Micah Davis which opened up a can of worms and lead me to having over 70 friends.(prayer answered thought i only wanted 1 or 2 God Blessed me with above and beyond.that number still grows, I had heard of an organization called (check them out) almost every thing about gateway was new for me.though I had been raised in church and ran away only to come back like the prodigal,this seemed to be amazing that there was  global ministries. 
Things i would of never thought or dreamed of had i stayed in small town church 
(I'm not knocking the small town church still love all y'all at CIWC) 
RU4children opened my eyes to things I've never seen before both in and around the world as well as looking threw and reading the bible for myself to see what Jesus said about things.My heart turn towards this direction, orphans thousand upon thousands of them got to bed hungry every i got involved with what i could do.went to a concert Kari Jobe did at a Methodist church and there i noticed that it was a lot bigger then just this one org. but there where many orgs trying to save the orphans of this world.My heart stirred and began stirring.There came a point where i was so convinced that I did not need teeth. didn't need them to smile or to be happy,didn't need them to make friends or talk to people and I definitely didn't need them to hearts desire was if only I had access to the money in our non profit I would give it to RU4 because those kids need it a whole lot more then I do.(i still feel that way) but my sister was smart and she is the only one who has access to the funds. I began to share my heart with her more and more in this area as I began to fall in love with Jesus more and more and wanted nothing but to help His kids around the world.

during the starting time at gateway my sister had been passing out cards and this one card landed in the hands of her own dentist. he had looked at the website and called  Marilynn to see at what stage we were on with the teeth,said told him that nothing is moving right now that right after they pulled my teeth it stopped. 
He told her that he would take a look into it,he worked with or on the board at Baylor.for a while He and my sister had been discussing thing of which i knew nothing about. then days before a turning point in this journey Marilynn told me of this doctor who heard of my case and began to fight for us.He is fighting because when he looked into it Baylor had thrown our case out saying that we missed an appointment.but he questioned that and said why would someone like me miss an appointment for something so important as this? so he fights for us. 
(we never did have an appointment the last thing the said was keep calling but don't get your hopes up) 
This was amazing news because we had know idea what was going on with it,though I still believed God would and could i just never focused on it and waited for Him to bring the how...

days later Marilynn gets a call from that same doctor,He told her that there's not a lot of hope,though he was going to continue to fight for our case,..she hangs up the phone and the very moment she hung up,like instantly my phone rang...Hello i said,the man on the other side said Hello is this Samuel Kauhane? Yes i said its Kainoa I go by my middle name Kainoa but Samuel is fine.He said very well then name is Dr Schow from Baylor medical,I would like to meet with you this Tuesday at 11 am if that is OK with you? can you make it? Yes! Yes absolutely i said.Alright Great I will see you soon. yes! yes thank you thank you Sir,we then hung up.

Thank You Thank You Jesus!!! about an hour later my sister said who was that on the phone? I said it was a Dr. from Baylor setting up an appointment for Tues.My sister stopped what she was doing and said What? so i began to repeat.(I had known a little of what my sister and her dentist were talking about so I thought he hooked it up and this was all going as planed.) Marilynn said come here for a minute so a came and she started to tell me about the phone call she had with the dentist.he said there wasn't much he could do and not a lot of hope left. then I said what the Dr.Schow at Baylor had told me... 
(it was about the end of summer when this happened) 

we both stood on awe as we realized that this was a divine appointment.that this was a God thing! hands down this is now His plan and we are thankful.

When we had tried all that we could,there was so many hands in our plan that even though i believed He would make away.any one of those hands could of said it wasn't because of God you have teeth but because of me. or me. or this or that person.Though i would have still said its all because of God. Our plans FAILED epically!

He started to reveal His plan.

back when i was in a small church all i could say every time i prayed was thank You.prayers and gratefulness and thanksgiving.I had asked a bishop about this and he said its OK you are still baby i have been doing this for 30+ yrs your prayers will get better.then The Lord moved me to gateway were i learned that having a heart of gratefulness is not a bad thing in fact it is encouraged. 

 Psalm 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving,and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him,and bless His name.
 still to this day in worship or where ever its always a thank You thank You thank You. at that point it was just the new start I was so thankful its all i knew to say.
Out with our old plan in with His new. Like i said our impossible is His possible and all I did was believe He could....
to be continued

Friday, April 20, 2012

More like Jesus Less like Peter

 Last night we went to Jesus Culture at the Nokia theater. 2hours of worship then the pastor got up and spoke.
He started with Hannah and about how Hannah Had ask,and prayed to the LORD God for a baby. and that baby she gave birth to was Samuel I very Important Prophet the one who called David out. The name Samuel means heard God.
He was God's mouth piece and a messenger for Him.he called out things in people and helped move them in the right direction or into what God was calling them to be.

As he was talking about birthing something last night I remember a conference my sister took me to where her friend Bishop Tudor Bismark  was speaking at one point I remember a guy yelling out Israel is going threw the birth canal,now this place and that place this person and that person ,then he invited all who wanted to come to walk threw the birth canal. (your probably thinking What the Flip? Birth canal? yea I was tripping out to.I thought these people were nuts)(the whole thing is kind of a blur but i remember bits n pieces and can see it visually but i cant explain it well)
My sis and aunt was like we're going u don't have to if u don't want to but I did because I didn't wan them to think I was into God or whatever.
Before all that crazy birth canal talk. when Bishop spoke I remember he ask everybody to turn around 360 spin this represented turning from the old into the new.everyone did I thought it was stupid and didn't.
Later that night m sister said come I want u to meet someone. She took me to see Bishop. I don't remember all that he said to me but he turned me around in a 360 turn several of times. From the moment he saw me the Lord spoke something to him that he passed to me.
The next time I saw bishop he spoke prophetically to me again this time he said "your going to have to make a choice! You will know when this comes and what choice it will be"

The Lord has been stirring  my heart I think of the September moment and from weds night at MOR Youth and then again the next night at the Jesus Culture meeting. It's clear to me I know which direction I'm going."the choice is clear" to me.
I see it NO other way. No matter the cost I'm going to seek Jesus. Every opportunity to go mission tripping I'm in. Even if it cost me my Job. I just know He will provide for me. First thing of the year I said in my heart and with my lips I will say Yes to everything He says no matter how crazy it sounds or seems.
"it is better to be obedient in the eyes of my God then to be crazy in the eyes of the world.

Even if this leaves me homeless in a few months. To seek Jesus with my whole heart is worth it.

The bible says this place is not my home.
King David and James said are lives are but vapors here one minute gone the next. Jesus said we do not k ow the hour for which he will return.
The world tells me to work now,save now and when u retire then go on mission trips.
I say what if I die tomorrow and go to see the LORD God almighty what will he say? Will He says well done good and faithful servant?
Or will He says why did u not help more? Why is there still do much poor,hungry,homeless,broken hearted people in the world?

I know I can't save anyone but Jesus can.
I can't do anything by my own strength but with His power I can do anything and everything He commands.

The choice is Clear I know the direction I will head.

I'm going to throw my life away for His cause!

The time is now,my heart says yes I will go.

Maybe as humans we need to feel like we have control or are in it,of the things that affects us,we strive for it but the more I look I see that I'm not in Control of anything and this freaks me out at time.
To Trust the Lord with all your heart is challenging in some areas.Like I know and seen Him provided multiple times,but as these missions trip are coming up fast and my dues are not in.I begin to think OK how can I make this money,Thoughts come of well Maybe i can help God with the expense of these trips.maybe I can pay for em.but to realize that God doesn't need me to help Him only trust and Believe in Him. dismiss the doubt and worry,

Trust! Trust! Trust!

Believe! Believe! Believe!

So then it hits me at the end of the day,that shows me how much like Peter I am...So willing to step out of the boat and go to Jesus.

28 And Peter answered Him and said, Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.
29 So He said, Come. And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.
30 But when he saw that the wind  was  boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, Lord, save me!
31And immediately Jesus stretched out  His  hand and caught him, and said to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt? Then those who were in the boat came and worshiped Him, saying, Truly You are the Son of God. (Matthew 14:28-31, 33 NKJV)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My wants

First off and foremost ALL praise and glory to God,Jesus Christ my LORD and Savior and The Holy Spirit who helps and guides us every day!

This Story is not just about me...Its about you to,you the reader.Its really all about my Daddy and what he can do....
 Ask your self what do you need breakthrough for or would like to see happen? how bout what is your Impossible that there's no way you could do.don't dwell on the impossible,Dwell on He who can make it possible.

This part of my life begins long before I came to Texas. It actually when i was a young boy growing up in California,then many years after we had moved back to my father home state on the Big Island it came up again as another that time I remember all the doctors said that on the island it would be tough to do but had they sent me to the mainland it would be no problem...nothing ever got done except just some window shopping...and so December 10,2008 I took a chance and came to Texas...with the help of my sister Marilynn and her husband Shayne who housed me for ages and said that i must attend church preferably their church and my Uncle Peter who put up the funds for a one way ticket here and Pathways

The main goal of coming here was to go threw a program called Pathways.Its a secular inner healing program but I believe God is all involved in it! Hey its where he took my drinking away with a snap of the fingers.and it was the beginning of cleaning up the life I completely messed up.(but that's a whole different part of this ever going story). I had just gotten back into church first resisting it as much as possible really i just wanted to spend my 4 months here get what i can and go home.but that's not what happen at all within the first couple of months i became Saved and started to turn from my evil ways to Jesus.

Within a few short months and after the major session of Pathways my Uncle began talking with my sister about still wanting to help me fix up my teeth with implants or more along the lines of dentures. So they brought this news to my attention and it began yet again.its the very same thing we were trying to do in Cali and Hawaii...fix me up on that note I was born with bad teeth and jaw alignment.and because of the decisions I made  during my stay on the Island It went from bad to worse towards the end of my stay I was having more killer teeth aches and headaches to go with it.I'd medicate my self with the pain killers and vodka or and other hard's i could get on top of my normal case of beer a day..
 My sister and I went to an oral Sergeant just a few blocks from her house out in Mansfield.during his visit he made a lot of assumptions and brought to mind a lot of ideas to the table but ultimately told us that he did see us drive up in a caddy so that plan would not be for us.but I insisted to see.(more insulted then anything.i mean really how did he know if i had that kind of money or not.and Honestly if i were rich like that.I'd drive the same car and wear the same clothes so nobody would know) anyways his plan came out to $250k just for the jaw surgery that i believe included the implants but not sure about  the teeth that sit on the implants. His next plan wan in the area of $150k and this included  dentures...two plans both got shot Marilynn knew they would i was just hopeful cause ya never know.
after we visited a few more places with a few more plan and more bids the price either stayed the same or dropped a little in price like down to $90k.
all the while my aunt Betty and her family began to get involved to.we all went to the same small church so it wasn't hard not to be involved i guess.
 Aunt Betty (AB for short) and Marylynn began to call Baylor medical after they found out that Baylor accepts phone call for new patients or new cases that Baylor would look at and determine which they could use to teach there students...yes that's right they pick peoples cases and the students do the work...with supervision of course.or they have the pros do it and the students watch.So there this window ever weds or every other weds between 10am-10:30am in which they answer call at a certain number.its all chance and luck..AB and Marilynn tried for awhile before they asked me to do it.I think the whole is a joke because every time we tried we got the busy signal through out thee entire 30mins.

Then a little while later breakthrough came in a different form..I said my aunts family which in my adopted Texan family was involved right. Well AB's brother in law and one of the coolest Texan farmer Ive met so far Named Papa George are also  roofers him and his son Timothy.So one day they get this job to do a roof for a dentist and when the job is complete the dentist tries to pay them but papa says no no please instead of paying us could u maybe help my nephew can you take a look at his teeth? the dentist agrees and Papa hurries to tell me the good news.3weeks later i get a call from this dentist and so my sister, papa G,AB and myself go to this dentist where he greets me and says OK lets take a look. open wide! WHOA! wait wait wait I am a regular dentist I can not do the kind of work you need here.we just simply do not have the proper equipment and it not exactly my line of work..I'm sorry my sister and i thank him for taking a look.He begins to think of ways he could help seeing that Papa G did indeed help him greatly.He then says there's a chance the guy upstairs might be able to help you guys.I'm not totally sure what all he does but he is an oral Sergent,Lets build u a profile and I will go meet with him and see what I can we took many impressions and tons of X-rays and photos. Then he sent us on our way and said lets hope for the best.and so we did i guess.maybe a little  more at first but then weeks started to go by and my hope was fading fast.

breakthrough yet again we get a call from a doctor named Thad he said to meet him at his office in a few we became excited again and hopeful,we go to meet with him and it was the same old open wide. hmm humph mmmhmph ah ooh OK well Samuel here's the deal it seems with the amount of bad and rotting teeth you have you may be having some serious infections up there.but that's not the reason I'm about to tell you this..I will not do this work...Its not that I can't because i can it would be know problem.will have to get rid of the infection,pull the really bad teeth,move your jaw back so the bottom lines up with the top,then see which plan you want.implants which will be the most expensive your looking at like $1,500-$2500 a piece then there's the cost of the teeth which is super expensive to.or we can do a partial or a denture...but like i said I'm not going to take your case.
My sister and I were shocked,i was more like then why did you explain all this crap to me if you knew your going to say no I said quietly in my head.. Marilynn asked well hen what can we do.Dr. Thad said the reason I'm not going to do it is because I feel that your brother would be a perfect case for Baylor to could help teach the students and also could help you get a lower cost.Listen I work on the board at Baylor let me build a better profile for your brother and I'll go up there and present his case!

you thought we were shocked before,yeah this tops that.we were happy so happy,we felt that after a while of working and trying that God had opened up a door for us in the one place we saw it impossible to get in to. Dr.Thad said give me about 3 weeks and I'll get back to you..we said our thank yous and headed home to give the good report to the family and specially papa George.hope had come back. funny thing about my hope it would come and go like the passing wind.didn't have a lot of faith or trust in to much..really I was still all about me! just having finished Pathways all i wanted to do is get these teeth and go home asap.i had already been here for 4months,I was very selfish i didn't really care about anything else,or anyone else..not what you would expect from someone who just a few months ago "gave his life to Christ" there was still a major war going on i wasn't fully all for Him yet...

about 5 weeks from when we last saw Thad and no hope left he calls and says be on the look out for a Doctor named Maribelle she will be calling you about an appointment at Baylor.with great news you are in now I've done what i could do they've accepted your case i believe and want to see you.its all i can do good luck!

Yippee! i shouted we are in!told Marilynn the good news and days late Dr Maribelle calls to set up an appointment, so we go in.mind you I'm not from Texas and so I'm not all on board with the whole Texan slang with the yes Sir and yes Ma'am.anyways the meet went fairly well she took a look and started plan with my sister then she stepped out for a moment and that's when Marilynn looks at me and says "hey try to smile more and be a little more happy and Texans like to be called Ma'am or it might be nice to say Yes Ma'am.
Dr.Maribelle comes back in and so i smile more we talk more and she says well can you come back in next week? Yes!!! we both answer,She wanted to wait and talk to a few other doctors and she what they could do for me.she was building her team.
the following week we go back in and this time i was more happier then last time,smiled more and even threw in a few yes ma'am and yes sir's.we began to talk and here's the plan.Dr Maribelle was an oral Sergent and that's what she taught she was willing to wavier all fees towards the jaw surgery,then another doctor came in and said i will be removing your teeth and fixing the hole in your mouth.(this hole is on my upper jaw line and goes into my nostril) then 3 more doctors came in and one said I'll be handling the plastic surgery you may need after getting your jaw aligned there may be some minor work will do to your nose and we can take off the excess skin tissue from your lower lip and make it look normal.
(this part was huge for me being that it was the primary reason I went threw server rejection going up as a kid all threw elementary,Jr high and both high schools all the way up until i was 28yrs,made fun of my whole yes i want that gone.and ultimately its the reason why I walked out on God and got into what i got in to.but that is an entirely different part of my life story)
the other two doctors 1 was going to remove all my teeth and the other was going to install the implants.the Dr George Gonzales and his assistant came in and they said we will be making your teeth.
7 doctors all standing around me throwing there ideas out and talking deep doctor languages while at the same time forming there plan..I thought wow is this really happening? it is it is.thank you God.
a little later a woman walked in and pulled up a seat she was the budget director for Baylor's budget she decided how much money and where it went to so she wanted to hear their plan.
Dr.Maribelle started with first he needs to get all his teeth removed and when he is healed up from that I will go in and do the necessary jaw surgery cutting his jaw and moving it back 1/2inch and wavering all cost,and all my fees that i would normally get paid for.the next doctor said i will do the outer plastic surgery and am wavering all cost,the next said I'll close the gap in him gums free,one said I can wavier all the anesthetics needed for Dr.Maribelle's surgery and for some of the other small projects,Dr.Gonzales walks in and says I will be making the teeth and will get the implants for doctor so and so to put in.the implants we can go $800 a piece and for he teeth it will be done for $18k both top and bottom...the budget woman said and time? it will take 6 months -1yrs maybe 2 it all depends on how he heals so the total cost will be $26,000 dollars. and she said this all sounds good when would you like to start? asap they said.first the patient has infection and need his teeth removed.,She said well it looks like we need to start making appointments at Baylor medical for a space to work at.(which by the way was wavier to.)and we will begin this project in a few months.
one doctor came up and said we want to schedule u in 2 days to get all your to have all your teeth removed.either you can do it now or you can wait till their all ready to go but by waiting that will put everything back it be best to do it now while they are preparing every thing.
So i agreed and came back in 2 days.these doctors knew teeth were infected but they didn't really know how bad it was serious and after they said "we don't know how your still living,the extent of your infect was deadly at any time it could of traveled up to your brain and killed you or down to your heart and killed you." "you are very lucky" then i told them how long its been like that and they said how many years? you are definitely luckily! I Knew why it was being contained in that area for so long.and how.God had been holding it in that area until this moment when it could be fully taken care of.(that's not to say that during the time before Baylor i didn't suffer or fell pain..oh no i did it was very real.and thought I was gonna die a few times. God is mighty and He held it back.yea He cares) they put me asleep and begun there work pulling out what teeth i had left i think it was a total of 15-18 after they were threw they work me up drugged me up and sent us on our way.they said come back in 1 week....this was in early spring time of 2009.

to be continued...


Sunday, April 8, 2012

not your normal Easter post

Did i ever mention that walking this walk is probably the hardest thing that can be done...take that back whats even harder is to walk the walk without Him by your can that even be done you can't if He is not there then your just walking.

I find myself to get attacked more frequently these days.then i remember as i woke up this morning when going to a retreat 2 weekends ago with Seven,pastor Stephen said the deeper we go with Him the bigger target gets placed on us.There is a cost to be counted...have you counted it recently?

Thank God for He is merciful and His mercies are new everyday!

not really gonna get into it.but recently I backslide a bit only to come to the conclusion that I need Him more then anything in or on this world.
I can not do this by my own strength for I AM JUST A WEAK MAN!

Our society tells us that we can make it.we are not weak but we are strong.we can do it,You can it. we can do anything,we are winners and we do need anyone to help us we can do it on our own.

yea if you tend to insist on going the direction the world is going..I don't want that.i mean i used to...ALOT!
now it the opposite and everything is flipped upside down. i usually don't think the way everyone else is thinking.i guess He really did make a change in me.
our culture says we need to work 8hrs a day 40hrs a week to be able to the the income we need to buy the thing that will make us happy now.that we need to save for the future that we need to horde all we can for ourselves.and that by doing it this way we can have a nice retirement.go the places we wanna go,live the way we wanna live for our few short year we have left on the earth....WHAT???? really I cant live like that.James 4:14 says our lives are but a vapor here one minute and gone the next..(I try to refrain from sounding overly saved or even I don't go around thumping people on the head with my bible)(although I was been bible thumped..was like 3 weeks ago at an event on friend comes up and fully hits me with his bible.What the flip man why would you do that? i asked..till this day he has rightfully earned the tittle bible thump-er and its what I call him...)
so any how back to the whole living life in greed for ourselves..yea i jus cant do it.when i work and get paid I think.what good is money if i cant use it to bless people with,friends,strangers..yes complete homeless people.its so much fun and brings lots of joy to be able to help some who can not pay u back..not that i would ever want them to..

a question pops in my mind ,many say if God loves us then why is there so much poor,needy and hurting people in the world?
the real question is when you see Jesus and He say Why are there still so many poor,needy and hurting people in the world? what will your answer be?
I really kind of believe that before Jesus left He commanded us to love on these people as He has.

in conclusion I am so thankful that because He loves us so much that even in our sins He died for us,He was buried and He has Risen.He has Risen Indeed!
that we are able to put our sins under His blood and be let Him wash us clean.thankful for His mercies our new everyday.and thankful to be reminded that we only have a few short moments on this earth..lets make them count.
check this link out

God bless

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

coming Soon!

I've started a three part story,I never thought it would take so much to write it out.
 Its a story about God and His love,His Faithfulness and His ability to change hearts and bring restoration to even the most broken,lost and messy people.What took years for me to destroy my life and carry such hate for everything. He made new and restored back to life,when once I never gave a damn about anyone but myself and a few close friends to Mass amounts of Love exploding from my heart on to what ever it can get on....

(oh snap you really religious people just got hung up because he said Damn.sorry but I'm sure you hear far worse come out of your T.V. screen then me typing get over it.there maybe be same things you may not like or some thing that could offend you.)

All it took was belief that He could do anything and all my trust and hope in Him...and to wait on His timing.
I still believe that I in no way deserve this gift He has blessed me with.

Love to share it face to face with people, I guess so that they can hear just how Great He is. This will be the  first time I've ever wrote it out.There's was never a need to have it on paper when you know the story by heart. but here it comes to you shortly.