Sunday, April 8, 2012

not your normal Easter post

Did i ever mention that walking this walk is probably the hardest thing that can be done...take that back whats even harder is to walk the walk without Him by your can that even be done you can't if He is not there then your just walking.

I find myself to get attacked more frequently these days.then i remember as i woke up this morning when going to a retreat 2 weekends ago with Seven,pastor Stephen said the deeper we go with Him the bigger target gets placed on us.There is a cost to be counted...have you counted it recently?

Thank God for He is merciful and His mercies are new everyday!

not really gonna get into it.but recently I backslide a bit only to come to the conclusion that I need Him more then anything in or on this world.
I can not do this by my own strength for I AM JUST A WEAK MAN!

Our society tells us that we can make it.we are not weak but we are strong.we can do it,You can it. we can do anything,we are winners and we do need anyone to help us we can do it on our own.

yea if you tend to insist on going the direction the world is going..I don't want that.i mean i used to...ALOT!
now it the opposite and everything is flipped upside down. i usually don't think the way everyone else is thinking.i guess He really did make a change in me.
our culture says we need to work 8hrs a day 40hrs a week to be able to the the income we need to buy the thing that will make us happy now.that we need to save for the future that we need to horde all we can for ourselves.and that by doing it this way we can have a nice retirement.go the places we wanna go,live the way we wanna live for our few short year we have left on the earth....WHAT???? really I cant live like that.James 4:14 says our lives are but a vapor here one minute and gone the next..(I try to refrain from sounding overly saved or even I don't go around thumping people on the head with my bible)(although I was been bible thumped..was like 3 weeks ago at an event on friend comes up and fully hits me with his bible.What the flip man why would you do that? i asked..till this day he has rightfully earned the tittle bible thump-er and its what I call him...)
so any how back to the whole living life in greed for ourselves..yea i jus cant do it.when i work and get paid I think.what good is money if i cant use it to bless people with,friends,strangers..yes complete homeless people.its so much fun and brings lots of joy to be able to help some who can not pay u back..not that i would ever want them to..

a question pops in my mind ,many say if God loves us then why is there so much poor,needy and hurting people in the world?
the real question is when you see Jesus and He say Why are there still so many poor,needy and hurting people in the world? what will your answer be?
I really kind of believe that before Jesus left He commanded us to love on these people as He has.

in conclusion I am so thankful that because He loves us so much that even in our sins He died for us,He was buried and He has Risen.He has Risen Indeed!
that we are able to put our sins under His blood and be let Him wash us clean.thankful for His mercies our new everyday.and thankful to be reminded that we only have a few short moments on this earth..lets make them count.
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God bless

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