Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Out with the Old

Part 2

After surgery they had removed all of my teeth and sent us home.for the first week i don't remember eating much I had stitches all the way across from left to right both upper and lower jaws.yup all gums. talk about different I just went from 28yrs mouth to grandpa mouth screaming "where"s my false teeth!!!" in a matter of a few hours...yea it was great and no it didn't hurt.they gave me drugs that I only took for 2 days then didn't need em.
My sister and I return to Baylor for a check up to get the extra stitches that did not dissolve out and to see when we could schedule are next appointments everything was great things are now moving along.
The next few months I ate soup all kinds of soup,soup and bread.then upgraded to Saimin then it was noodle for months all along the way trying different solid foods.Then it was time to go back to Baylor,it had only been a month maybe before we went back in,it was not good in fact the news was shocking.the Doctors began to tells us that everything just came to a stopping point and that we would have to wait until June/July before we can continue.I remember they said we should go down to the office and talk to a guy who was in charge of Baylor's Financial department. I do not remember this guys name but his face I've not forgotten. 

when we enter his office everything was really dark all the blinds were shut the lights were not all on and the atmosphere was heavy.My sister began to talk with this guy and ask question about when and what can be done about my case.I remembered him saying look I don't know,i just don't know how or when we will be able to get to your brothers case.Obama cut off Baylor's Budget money. We have no money coming in,there not enough money left now and even if some kind of funding came in here's the other problem your brother has 6 people in front of him so there's nothing we can do.sorry! now if you please I am very busy.So he kicked us out of his office.
The whole time i was in there I heard what he said but was still smiling maybe because i thought this sounded so funny to me.Marilynn says "sorry brother","why are you smiling?"they just said it was hopeless and impossible"....
Sometime between walking in to the heaviness of that office,hearing bad news and listening to what my sister just said.I had made a decision and stated that Nothing is Impossible for God and that He could make way...I don't know how to explain it but I just believed with my whole heart that what we see is impossible, for God nothing is Impossible and that with Him ALL things are Possible...
all my trust,faith,hope and just pure belief that He could make away kicked in.
From the time all this started up to that point I had went from being saved and not caring to listening to the preacher preach and teach the word of God.it start becoming more interesting to me. we left the medical office.not sure how my sister felt in all this but I was just gonna stand on what I believe could happen.
Many months went by and the belief never faded in fact it got stronger and stronger.unlike before when hope would come and go come and go.this was very different.this hope never left it stayed and got stronger as my gums got more stronger, we went back in June to see if anything changed but nothing had happened. more months rolled by more growing spiritually and focusing less on the fact I had no teeth.

(The hardest part of having no teeth is not eating.its not smiling or laughing the hardest part for me was talking! i thought i sounded ridiculous to pronounce S or C was difficult because I thought I sounded like some gay guy when they try to talk like women..u know what I'm talking about u have friend who make fun of this way of talking..anyways EVERYTHING has a S or a C in it..I was working at Home Depot at the time so I had to talk to people.)

before we knew it was already November of 2009.  I was traveling to church one weds night,it was raining and i stopped at a stop light.the whole time i was here I had no friends and so sitting there I simply ask God OK so if I'm to stay here then could i have at least 1 or 2 good godly friends kinda like the person singing on this CD. 
 up to that point everyone i knew was my sister or brother in law's friends.well I did happen to make 40 friends in 2 weekends at Pathways but we all live so far apart.i need the kind of friends i could hang with daily or weekly.

(I love and thank God for all my friend in class 263)(these people help me through the hardest of hard times and made me feel like i was worth something.they had loved me and didn't care what i had walked threw to get to that point.they like me for me! and I love them for who they are)
so it was end of March beginning of April 2010,i believe that God had taken are tiny family and transported them to a new church home. Although I came by myself at first,its true The Lord will take the lonely and broken hearted and set them in large families. 

God sets the solitary in families;He brings out those who are bound into prosperity;But the rebellious dwell in dry land.Psalm 68:6 NKJV

A new church home with more to learn more to get involved with and just more more more is better.
at the very beginning of hearing about the $26K job my sister Marilynn had started a non-profit called mobettahsmile.org it was designed to help me raise the funds we needed for this project.because even with the now extremely low price my uncle still didn't want to help.many friend from Pathways and other people had donated money to this project we had $3,500. in savings,we had business cards that we would hand out...OK just because my sister is probably going to read this and for the record I did not pass to many of them out she and my aunt gave them away.i gave maybe 1 or 2.
anyhow i started to pass some out to people i met at church not that i thought anyone would care or anything but just so that when my sister asked "did you give them a card?" i would have to lie and say yes!

little did i know it The Lord had put me in this new church for much greater purpose and a new direction i was to walk. started to get involved with a ministry Called Seven it was from 18-29 i had just turned 30 but the pastor said he wasn't gonna start carding people at the door.the way Seven is designed and Gateway church my life began to change more rapidly,getting involved with activities,meet one guy named Micah Davis which opened up a can of worms and lead me to having over 70 friends.(prayer answered thought i only wanted 1 or 2 God Blessed me with above and beyond.that number still grows, I had heard of an organization called RU4children.org (check them out) almost every thing about gateway was new for me.though I had been raised in church and ran away only to come back like the prodigal,this seemed to be amazing that there was  global ministries. 
Things i would of never thought or dreamed of had i stayed in small town church 
(I'm not knocking the small town church still love all y'all at CIWC) 
RU4children opened my eyes to things I've never seen before both in and around the world as well as looking threw and reading the bible for myself to see what Jesus said about things.My heart turn towards this direction, orphans thousand upon thousands of them got to bed hungry every night.so i got involved with what i could do.went to a concert Kari Jobe did at a Methodist church and there i noticed that it was a lot bigger then just this one org. but there where many orgs trying to save the orphans of this world.My heart stirred and began stirring.There came a point where i was so convinced that I did not need teeth. didn't need them to smile or to be happy,didn't need them to make friends or talk to people and I definitely didn't need them to eat...my hearts desire was if only I had access to the money in our non profit I would give it to RU4 because those kids need it a whole lot more then I do.(i still feel that way) but my sister was smart and she is the only one who has access to the funds. I began to share my heart with her more and more in this area as I began to fall in love with Jesus more and more and wanted nothing but to help His kids around the world.

during the starting time at gateway my sister had been passing out cards and this one card landed in the hands of her own dentist. he had looked at the website and called  Marilynn to see at what stage we were on with the teeth,said told him that nothing is moving right now that right after they pulled my teeth it stopped. 
He told her that he would take a look into it,he worked with or on the board at Baylor.for a while He and my sister had been discussing thing of which i knew nothing about. then days before a turning point in this journey Marilynn told me of this doctor who heard of my case and began to fight for us.He is fighting because when he looked into it Baylor had thrown our case out saying that we missed an appointment.but he questioned that and said why would someone like me miss an appointment for something so important as this? so he fights for us. 
(we never did have an appointment the last thing the said was keep calling but don't get your hopes up) 
This was amazing news because we had know idea what was going on with it,though I still believed God would and could i just never focused on it and waited for Him to bring the how...

days later Marilynn gets a call from that same doctor,He told her that there's not a lot of hope,though he was going to continue to fight for our case,..she hangs up the phone and the very moment she hung up,like instantly my phone rang...Hello i said,the man on the other side said Hello is this Samuel Kauhane? Yes i said its Kainoa I go by my middle name Kainoa but Samuel is fine.He said very well then Sam.my name is Dr Schow from Baylor medical,I would like to meet with you this Tuesday at 11 am if that is OK with you? can you make it? Yes! Yes absolutely i said.Alright Great I will see you soon. yes! yes thank you thank you Sir,we then hung up.

Thank You Thank You Jesus!!! about an hour later my sister said who was that on the phone? I said it was a Dr. from Baylor setting up an appointment for Tues.My sister stopped what she was doing and said What? so i began to repeat.(I had known a little of what my sister and her dentist were talking about so I thought he hooked it up and this was all going as planed.) Marilynn said come here for a minute so a came and she started to tell me about the phone call she had with the dentist.he said there wasn't much he could do and not a lot of hope left. then I said what the Dr.Schow at Baylor had told me... 
(it was about the end of summer when this happened) 

we both stood on awe as we realized that this was a divine appointment.that this was a God thing! hands down this is now His plan and we are thankful.

When we had tried all that we could,there was so many hands in our plan that even though i believed He would make away.any one of those hands could of said it wasn't because of God you have teeth but because of me. or me. or this or that person.Though i would have still said its all because of God. Our plans FAILED epically!

He started to reveal His plan.

back when i was in a small church all i could say every time i prayed was thank You.prayers and gratefulness and thanksgiving.I had asked a bishop about this and he said its OK you are still baby i have been doing this for 30+ yrs your prayers will get better.then The Lord moved me to gateway were i learned that having a heart of gratefulness is not a bad thing in fact it is encouraged. 

 Psalm 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving,and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him,and bless His name.
 still to this day in worship or where ever its always a thank You thank You thank You. at that point it was just the new start I was so thankful its all i knew to say.
Out with our old plan in with His new. Like i said our impossible is His possible and all I did was believe He could....
to be continued 


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