Wednesday, April 4, 2012

coming Soon!

I've started a three part story,I never thought it would take so much to write it out.
 Its a story about God and His love,His Faithfulness and His ability to change hearts and bring restoration to even the most broken,lost and messy people.What took years for me to destroy my life and carry such hate for everything. He made new and restored back to life,when once I never gave a damn about anyone but myself and a few close friends to Mass amounts of Love exploding from my heart on to what ever it can get on....

(oh snap you really religious people just got hung up because he said Damn.sorry but I'm sure you hear far worse come out of your T.V. screen then me typing get over it.there maybe be same things you may not like or some thing that could offend you.)

All it took was belief that He could do anything and all my trust and hope in Him...and to wait on His timing.
I still believe that I in no way deserve this gift He has blessed me with.

Love to share it face to face with people, I guess so that they can hear just how Great He is. This will be the  first time I've ever wrote it out.There's was never a need to have it on paper when you know the story by heart. but here it comes to you shortly.

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