Saturday, March 31, 2012


so all week i've been recovering from surgery I had on was a long awaited thing that was happening.because I just knew He could do anything and He did it.I am very grateful not for the things He does as if He were some kind of magic genie,because He's not and it doesnt work that way.Im grateful that He saved this wretched life and restored,redeemed and healed it.everything else is a bonus..

So this morning i wake up to a few flaws in my truck but not gonna stress it its just a minor leak.fill up the radiator screw the cap back on and head to an outreach in Fort Worth.we are washing the feet of Vietnam Vets. as Jesus wshed the feet of His disciples we want to be like Jesus so we set out to Serve the soldiers that once served this country..

for most veterans who served during Vietnam as if the war was hard enough the real challenge each one had was coming home.the troops sent out were not welcomed when they came home.infact many were spit on and disgraced because they chose one day to join the military and serve for this country...though we can never change the past and everything that was done to them was wrong.we can still honor those men today.for me it is an honor to be able to give back to them with what I can for the road they chose to walk out and risk there lives for this matter if our government was right or wrong.its the soldiers who do the real work .

as we washed the feet of the Vets one was named Willy,he actually was a preacher before he joined the U.S. Army, another's name in bobby and there's another i met who goes by Andy Anderson. these men were all about in there 60-70's all full of life and smiling from ear to ear.all of them could have a number of things going wrong that day but they all choose to find the good and not complain about there situations,but instead smile and laugh and share there stories with we get to listen and pray over was an amazing time.

very thankful to have the opportunity to serve the ones who served us first.

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