Thursday, March 29, 2012


Its been ages since i've actually cried because something hurt.

They said weds would be the worst days and that Healing would start after minute your fine you think your getting feel better then all of a sudden you feel sick,sick to your stomach,your head begins to pound.your 2 hours in when you realize the last painkiller you just took stopped remember work that they did.the grinding and cutting and drilling and it doesn't help in fact why did u remember those things.Of all the things i wish would pass quickly this would of been #1...
it didn't time seem to of stood still as Big ole crocodile tears fell out of the tear ducts of my eyes as I've experienced the worse pain of my life.  Never had I remembered being anything so painful. Both upper And lower jaw hurt plus a headache so huge that the slightest little move would send cold  chills down my spine and back up with excruciating pain. It was two hours before i could take another painkiller as I laid curled up into a ball on my bed feeling like I was taking on a fever as well. Close my eyes for ten minutes feels like an hour or two has gone by.
Then get woken up nope its only been 10 mins.try to go back to sleep,burning red hot the room temp felt like it went up.getting hotter each minute.start calling out for the Lord only to pass out... sweet i'm a sleep it doesn't hurt so much when your sleeping... and we are awake could it be time? as i stare at the painkillers wondering if i should take one or thinking what if i overdose? oh well lets just take one and try to get in that one spot where it was good.
Then big ole crocodile tears come again as every slightest move hurt,head pounding while in the back of your mind something says "ah u didn't count the cost to this"" and now ur suffering" thanx a lot way to kick a man while his down. Begin to cry out for Jesus again and end up passing out...finally 4hours later it hurts but not like earlier.i can deffinatly say that I never want to go threw something like this ever again. We can just mark this as one of the worst expirences of my life!
The pain of the headache is still with me today,but not as strong as it was last night.I pray i get better sooner.don"t have a choice i have to walk this out. :-(

there were so many people that popped in my mind as if it weren't so late i would of stretched out for a text for a prayer

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