Monday, February 27, 2012

running wild

As I sit and begin to journey into this new book given to me by a dear friend. The very first few paragraphs ignite the imagination and like wild fire it spreads fast,trying to picture what the world first looked like in all it's beauty.from the plains to the mountain tops the rivers the carve through them exposing valleys and the sun shines it's warm rays on all plant and animal a movie in my head more things get added the trees blow as the wind caresses Its leaves.Oh the colors! And the smells of nature, no concrete jungle here just a vast open playground of all things great and beautiful!!!
My heart and soul wrapped up in all of this goodness, my spirit feels as if it could fly, sore like eagles.
There's no a need to go into the wild and just chill,with the Word of God and some water,how I long to hike in the mountains of Colorado,swim in crystal clear lakes, run and dance in fields far way from modern city life. Lay under the night sky and gaze at the star light sky,destine to escape to the beauties of this world.
Very thankful to have been so many places and even more thankful for the places soon to travel to.

                                                        STAND AND FIGHT!!!

 I have a need a desire to fight...Fight along side my friends,to wage war and help battle their struggles.though my weapons are not made up of man made items.but they are with the Word of God and my prayers,belief and faith.the fight is in the spiritual realm.Yes I will stand with those who are to weary and weak to fight there battles alone.I will stand and fight for the one I love.I will believe with them believe for them.I know that Our God is stronger<he is mighty to save.All my trust and faith is in Him and we will overcome.

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