Monday, February 6, 2012

Just a scratch

Just this past Saturday I arrived at church entered the parking lot and drove to my usual spot.parked in between 2 cars to the right was a black something but to the left the driver side was this sparkly new Mercedes a light green in color.the day was cold and a bit windy.the wind I had not noticed so i sat there for a bit I gathered up my things and opened the door.Usually when i open the door i tend to hold it open or a little closed with my foot.this was going to be the case today but the unexpected and very unfortunate thing happened.the wind caught the door before my foot could and swung it wide open.and stopped.Instantly i reached out to pull it closed and when I looked the first thought was whew good thing that car is not to close.but then I looked again hopped out and Yes...Yes it was and yes that just happened.oh Shoot i said as i jumped out to inspect the cars rear wheel fender...seeing nothing I went in for a closer look just to make sure.and there it was.a nice little scratch in the shape of a triangle. The point of the triangle scratch is where the door started to rub down to the base of it where the door stopped. i took a step back and thought u cant even see it.The i jumped back in my truck and took a quick look around threw my 5% tinted windows to see if anyone just saw that..but there wasn't a person around. its just a scratch lets get are things and go.this time being careful not to repeat that mistake again i hopped out and proceeded to the church.

Weave threw the long line of cars I got just to the edge of the parking lot when The Holy Spirit says to me "you need to go leave your information on the car"...ah no I said im going to be late. just as that was being said I was quickly reminded of a simular  story i once heard from my pastor.

One day he and his wife where in a parking garage at an airport,they were running a bit late to catch there flight and in the rush of trying to park.he reversed into the car and gave it a little bump.His car had a hitch on the back of it and the ball gracefully gave the car in back a little nudge.after he parked he took a look at it and there was a tiny dent or small u could hardly see it.He grabbed their luggage and they walked to the terminal.before stepping foot in the terminal the Holy spirit told him to go back and leave his info.No he said politely and the Holy Spirit said yes.they had a little convo that ended with him telling his wife to go and catch the plane because he had to go back and leave his info.later he caught up with his wife and yes they missed there flight...

So after being reminded of that I turned right around and went straight to my truck.gard a 3x5 note card and wrote  Hi my name is Kainoa Kauhane my # is ___-____-____ please call me.with a little help of the wind i managed to scratch your car.please call me so we can figure out how I can fix this. Thanx
God bless

after i left it on the windshield and proceeded into church.sat next to a friend and she ask so how's your day? Great concidering I just scratched a Mercedes! and laughed.
I explained and she said well maybe it will be nothing...
The following day i saw my friend at a superbowl party she leans over and says so did that guy call you???
Um what guy I asked.
the Mercedes Guy Kai.
oh not yet I replied but I have a feeling he'll call back when I'm probably having the worst day and totally broke!
She said nah was just a small scratch it can't be that bad...

So today during work I get a call and usually i dont answer.because im at work.but when I looked aat my phone to see who it was.I saw what city it was coming from i instantly thought It was my friend because he lives there and maybe he got a new #

the person on the other side was not him infact it was a her and she said is the Kainoa? Yes it is how can I help you? well to start say your last name i did and she says oh is that Hawaiian? yes it is ma'am.well this is __________ i own the Mercedes and first off thank you and God bless you for leaving me a note.your welcome i replied.
we began tochat and she says do you no of anyone who does body work? no i said.
she  was like well neither do I.
I then said I do have insurance if you wanted to go that route? she says well how much is your deductable? not sure probably alot i says.she was like well look im going to be gone for a month and a have my name and number so if you hear of anything leave me a message and if anything we will take care of it when i get back.thank you again for the note and God bless you.God bless you to ma'am and safe travels to you.and we hung up....
um no matter where we go there going to charge and arm and a leg just because its a Mercedes but at least I have a little bit of time to save up some cash...

after the phone call this came to mind.
we say that we are believers and and we follow Christ,we are I think we must also show some Integrity be honest about even the smallest details like aa little old scratch..yes granted my first action was to walk away like nothing happened.I admit that was wrong.I'm glad i turned back to make it right.
even if its going to cost least I can sleep at night and it will all work out.

I wonder what would of been the outcome had i not done that..on second thought i may not want to know that.but I do wonder if your claiming the "Christian" role then how much integrity do you have?

would you do what the world does and say its just a scratch? or turn to the opportunity at hand and say yes i was wrong but how can I help?

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