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a different way

how could u take a story in the making for 3 1/2 years and just narrow it done to say God gave me teeth while displaying the big and very small details in the adventure its ups and downs...Sure I could have just said God is good and He alone provided me with teeth.
really though where's the fun in that!

But I  just cant bring myself to tell it that when it does get shared it must be shared in all its fullness. for every part is Him all involved in the business of changing hearts and blessing people along the way.

Changing hearts is the way i stated it to a friend not to long ago.I was sharing more of this story to him as new thing were happening and "it was never about getting teeth,It about Him changing hearts in the process of this adventure"

Part 3

Tuesday morning 11 am in the fall of 2010 we go to meet doctor Schow still with the old plan in mind we enter the work area where this 6ft gentleman wearing a white dentist coat walks in and say are you Samuel? yes i am.
well hello its good to meet you my name is Dr Schow..Mind if i take a look? open wide as he looks and pokes around to see what he finds He starts to poke at my lower jaw and say does that hurt?
ah no I said,he said are you sure as if i was lying that it didn't hurt. 
Nope i said.
huh well that's odd he said quietly under his breath,are you taking any medicines for pain of any kind? 
No i replied.
 OK well lets talk about what we can do for you.
My sister brought up the old plan and i agreed but Dr. Schow said that was a good plan but this time its gonna take longer,its gonna be more expensive but i believe its gonna work out should you want to continue this. yes i said will continue on.Good he said well here what I'm thinking

you'll need the jaw surgery and that's no problem I can do that with ease.
 the more though area is where to do it?
we said the last time they were going to do it in Baylor medical.he said yes and that could possibly happen but i wanna avoid keeping him in there hospital rooms it will not be cheap.I'm thinking we can use the facilities here in the dentist area to save on cost of use the other facilities and either then transfer him to a room for a day or 2 to monitor his situation or keep him here over night..let me work that out and will get back to after the surgery and after you healed you'll come back in to set the implants and my good friend Dr.Gonzales will be making your teeth.(at that time i did not realize he was the same doctor in the old plan making the fact i don't recall even seeing him..maybe i did but who knows there where a hand full of them there at that time)

so let me arrange for you to meet with him and I'll be there to then we can go from there.Dr Schow then tells me again its gonna take longer, cost more but it will all work out..first i would like for you to come in for a small surgery earlier when i was looking in your mouth I noticed on the lower jaw u have jaw bone sticking out of the gums,I would like to grind that back down under the gums for you...You should be in tremendous amounts of pain.but why you are not is beyond if you'll let me.Yes i said yes u we made my first appointment and I came in for that surgery it was quick and he prescribed some pain killers.

(I know why it didn't hurt.its the same reason that when i had infected teeth for many years the infect never got down in my heart or traveled up into my brain.both of which could of killed me.
Its because He has been holding it back.) (that may sound silly but its what i believe so that my story and im sticking to

a couple days after i stopped using the pain killer it didn't hurt and so i didn't feel like taking something not needed. we went back to Baylor a week later as he said open wide and began to look he made a few snips cutting away extra stitches that didn't dissolve in time.He said I wish all of my patients healed like you Samuel. a little puzzled i said huh,then he said well you healed up fast then the stitches had time to dissolve  and its looking fantastic. so I'll see you in a few months and we will be begin to plan..Thank you I said and we were on our way. a few weeks later we meet with Dr Gonzales and this time it wasn't just my sister or just my Aunt Betty it was both of them and uncle mike came to.the whole core support team. Aunt Betty came a number of time since this whole thing started but today it was like team Kainoa packed inside the dentist office.each one waiting to see what is going to happen next.
Dr.Gonzales and his assistant Dr Leilani walks in and doctor Schow came later/we all begin discussing the details..(so one thing about me i don't exactly pay attention to details and every word that is said so i get the big picture in the simplest of terms) everyone else in this group hears details. So the plan was going to be have Doctor Schow come in and he will break the jaw and push it back 1/2inch thus making it possible for both top and bottom teeth to line up,(Ouch break my jaw)
I remember them saying we needed 10k to start this and that Dr.Schow would be doing it the Baylor facilities so it will cut the cost and they would make me an out patient then after all the healing like a 1yr or 2 then we would go back in and set all the implants wait to heal then set the actual teeth and your done.this way will cost more and take longer but we will make it work.My doctors were very confident that everything would work out great.and I was like great its going to take even matter what is a few more years of waiting..
A few months later My sister and I went back in to tell Doctor Schow that we had gotten the 10k needed and was ready to start,We had about 3k saved up when my Uncle P gave to me a check for 7k.Thank You Jesus for providing this cost.

Doctor Schow said great but first we want to trying something,well Dr.Gonzales wants to try something.
Dr.G steps in the room and says I want to explore all of the options first before we go and break your jaw.Let me take an impression of your mouth and lets take some x-rays today.

My 2 doctors work really well together both allowing them to try new things instead of one power tripping on the other and saying look it going to be done this way. Doctor Schow was older and has tremendous influence in Baylor but still he was like OK lets try this your way first.
So we did a little bit that day.every time we came in for an appointment and the work they did was always free.we had already been to a number of appointments and was now about to be doubled even tripled the amount I found my self spending a lot of time at Baylor.

Dr.Gonzales was building a case for his computer to make a 3-D model of my entire face,jaw and head.showing how implants would fit in and what angles to drill them into. since he noticed that I have a cleft pallet he know that the bones structure would be different then normal people. by doing it this way he could see if implants were even a possibility.because had they broke the jaw and it doesn't work could put it back together like it was.
so with the model complete they were able to build me a set of temporary dentures for a picture they needed. when they were complete they called me back in to fit them and take the picture.

it seems they did a lot of work to take one picture.and they did but at the end of it Dr.Gonzales had a change of heart and said here i want u to have these dentures and start to wear them so that u get used to having something in your mouth.
they are just for looks you wont be able to eat with em.
(yes i did try to eat with them right when i got em! I remember going to meet a friend for lunch i had orange chicken...didn't work out so well..LOL)

we I got brought back in a week later to see if the fit was still good.seeing that it was They said that a plan with all the numbers is being drawn up and sent to my house.
I went back one more time to see if they could smooth out the upper denture because it would cut me every time i put it in or took it they did and the first time was good,the second shave it got shaved to much and no matter how much fixident i put on it just wouldn't hold.

a week later this came in

 I showed this to my sister and be came both excited and kinda worried because I didn't have that kind of money nor did i have a job that could pay for it.
about the beginning of the year  Matthew 6:25 drop into my spirit,not knowing what it said i quickly found my Bible and looked it up.
It says do not worry about your life what you will eat or drink,nor about your body what you will have to wear for the birds of the air do not worrying about what they will eat or the flowers of which they will worrying how can that add a cubit stature to your life.

(Cubit In the Greek is the word Pechys -  measure of length,time of hour
Stature in the Greek is the word Helikia - Life, time in life, age
So by worrying when can not bring back the time lost when we worry about thing)

 Therefore do not worry what you shall eat or what you shall drink or what you will wear. for you heavenly Father know of these things you need and will provide for you.

(open your bible and see what Matthew 6:25-34 says for your self.)

everyday from that first day and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.this verse would come up and so every time i would look it up and read it. then one day my sister had called Baylor to make sure she understood then contract right.they told her how it was and she called me quickly.She said that maybe it would be better if we tried "Plan B"
 plan B what the flip is plan B i thought.
she goes on to say that maybe it would be better if we took the money we had and used it to get some really nice dentures and that Uncle peter agreed to this...
right as she began to speak after she said plan B.
it welled up in my spirit and I knew why He had been giving me Matt 6:25 everyday.a few days before this i was sitting in Seven(church on Tues nights at 7pm for 18-30somthing check it out at
when the pastor began to speak on when God gives u a word to stand on..This had been happening to me but i had not realized it.
 so as she kept going on about how we can do this.because its 19K to start not 15K like we had thought,then after the first part of the surgery and after the healing well have 8-9months to come up with the other 25K.

Yes this looks seemingly impossible.... it could be for most low income families.we had 10K trying to get 5 more to start which really was 9 more.then 25 within 8-9 months after surgery...Well I might of folded when she said let go for plan B but I said there is no plan B.God gave me a word.... 
it is Matt6:25 Do Not Worry.everyday this word comes to mind and everyday i read it.I know now why its been coming to me sister.We are not supposed to worry about this.all we are required to do is believe in Him and believe He can.
so imma keep moving forward with His plan....
remember!!! we have done nothing to get us this far except believe so why not keep believing that He will finish His plan!

she tried to argue it a bit but i wasn't about to budge my mind was made up it was this way or no way.besides i didn't need teeth anyways i was perfectly fine the way it was.finally she agreed to walk it out since i was so sure that He gave me this word to stand on.She handed me the papers to sign and so We signed them..upon signing them its a contract saying that we will pay x amount when it is due and that we have all the money to do this..
all i can say is Faith and Trust in Him because we do not have it in our hands yet.but its coming and will be there on time.

that's what we did and we haven't yet try to fund-raise or do anything that I thought could help God come up with this the months rolled by i was less focused on the teeth and more focused on how i could serve Him. it was about Thanksgiving day and there i sat at my sisters house when i thought came across don't forget to call your Uncle P...yep you guessed it i forgot :-(  and the next day my sisters ask did you call your uncle? No i forgot.Well you should call him today!
OK OK so i did and we talked for awhile about whatever then he asked about the progress of the teeth and we talked about all the things that was going on and that we were in the waiting process of acquiring 9 thousand dollars.
  my poor uncle had spilled the beans on himself by saying well if i had know the importance of how soon you really need the money i would not have waited so long.
So here's what I'm going to do I was going to send you a check for 10K for your birthday(which was a month away on 12/26) to put directly into but seeing that u need it now I will drop the check in the mail on Monday morning.
This blew my mind I didn't know what to say or how to react..I said thank you he said your worth how you have grown since u first moved to uncle went on to saying that he knew if he could just get me off that island and away from everything that was pulling me down.that maybe just maybe I'd snap out of it and come home.(come home like the prodigal) Yes Jesus welcomed me with arms wide open and brought me back to the Father.

so i get this check and right as i do i say to my sister so how much is this check Uncle P is giving me.she wouldn't answer all she said how do u know about that? my whole family knew about this check except me.but now i knew because he told me and i was holding on to it.So i said well how ever much it was its cool cause he sent me a check for 10k.all of there jaws dropped.what they said they was supposed to be a gift...
 it is still a gift i said just earlier then what was expected. so we dropped it into the account and gave Baylor a call.I knew because of the lateness in the year nothing was going to be done and that we would have to wait until January of 2012. sure enough they called and we made appointments for the second week of January.

God is so good and I'm blessed beyond measure 

Part 4 of this never ending story coming soon

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