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My wants

First off and foremost ALL praise and glory to God,Jesus Christ my LORD and Savior and The Holy Spirit who helps and guides us every day!

This Story is not just about me...Its about you to,you the reader.Its really all about my Daddy and what he can do....
 Ask your self what do you need breakthrough for or would like to see happen? how bout what is your Impossible that there's no way you could do.don't dwell on the impossible,Dwell on He who can make it possible.

This part of my life begins long before I came to Texas. It actually when i was a young boy growing up in California,then many years after we had moved back to my father home state on the Big Island it came up again as another that time I remember all the doctors said that on the island it would be tough to do but had they sent me to the mainland it would be no problem...nothing ever got done except just some window shopping...and so December 10,2008 I took a chance and came to Texas...with the help of my sister Marilynn and her husband Shayne who housed me for ages and said that i must attend church preferably their church and my Uncle Peter who put up the funds for a one way ticket here and Pathways

The main goal of coming here was to go threw a program called Pathways.Its a secular inner healing program but I believe God is all involved in it! Hey its where he took my drinking away with a snap of the fingers.and it was the beginning of cleaning up the life I completely messed up.(but that's a whole different part of this ever going story). I had just gotten back into church first resisting it as much as possible really i just wanted to spend my 4 months here get what i can and go home.but that's not what happen at all within the first couple of months i became Saved and started to turn from my evil ways to Jesus.

Within a few short months and after the major session of Pathways my Uncle began talking with my sister about still wanting to help me fix up my teeth with implants or more along the lines of dentures. So they brought this news to my attention and it began yet again.its the very same thing we were trying to do in Cali and Hawaii...fix me up on that note I was born with bad teeth and jaw alignment.and because of the decisions I made  during my stay on the Island It went from bad to worse towards the end of my stay I was having more killer teeth aches and headaches to go with it.I'd medicate my self with the pain killers and vodka or and other hard's i could get on top of my normal case of beer a day..
 My sister and I went to an oral Sergeant just a few blocks from her house out in Mansfield.during his visit he made a lot of assumptions and brought to mind a lot of ideas to the table but ultimately told us that he did see us drive up in a caddy so that plan would not be for us.but I insisted to see.(more insulted then anything.i mean really how did he know if i had that kind of money or not.and Honestly if i were rich like that.I'd drive the same car and wear the same clothes so nobody would know) anyways his plan came out to $250k just for the jaw surgery that i believe included the implants but not sure about  the teeth that sit on the implants. His next plan wan in the area of $150k and this included  dentures...two plans both got shot Marilynn knew they would i was just hopeful cause ya never know.
after we visited a few more places with a few more plan and more bids the price either stayed the same or dropped a little in price like down to $90k.
all the while my aunt Betty and her family began to get involved to.we all went to the same small church so it wasn't hard not to be involved i guess.
 Aunt Betty (AB for short) and Marylynn began to call Baylor medical after they found out that Baylor accepts phone call for new patients or new cases that Baylor would look at and determine which they could use to teach there students...yes that's right they pick peoples cases and the students do the work...with supervision of course.or they have the pros do it and the students watch.So there this window ever weds or every other weds between 10am-10:30am in which they answer call at a certain number.its all chance and luck..AB and Marilynn tried for awhile before they asked me to do it.I think the whole is a joke because every time we tried we got the busy signal through out thee entire 30mins.

Then a little while later breakthrough came in a different form..I said my aunts family which in my adopted Texan family was involved right. Well AB's brother in law and one of the coolest Texan farmer Ive met so far Named Papa George are also  roofers him and his son Timothy.So one day they get this job to do a roof for a dentist and when the job is complete the dentist tries to pay them but papa says no no please instead of paying us could u maybe help my nephew can you take a look at his teeth? the dentist agrees and Papa hurries to tell me the good news.3weeks later i get a call from this dentist and so my sister, papa G,AB and myself go to this dentist where he greets me and says OK lets take a look. open wide! WHOA! wait wait wait I am a regular dentist I can not do the kind of work you need here.we just simply do not have the proper equipment and it not exactly my line of work..I'm sorry my sister and i thank him for taking a look.He begins to think of ways he could help seeing that Papa G did indeed help him greatly.He then says there's a chance the guy upstairs might be able to help you guys.I'm not totally sure what all he does but he is an oral Sergent,Lets build u a profile and I will go meet with him and see what I can we took many impressions and tons of X-rays and photos. Then he sent us on our way and said lets hope for the best.and so we did i guess.maybe a little  more at first but then weeks started to go by and my hope was fading fast.

breakthrough yet again we get a call from a doctor named Thad he said to meet him at his office in a few we became excited again and hopeful,we go to meet with him and it was the same old open wide. hmm humph mmmhmph ah ooh OK well Samuel here's the deal it seems with the amount of bad and rotting teeth you have you may be having some serious infections up there.but that's not the reason I'm about to tell you this..I will not do this work...Its not that I can't because i can it would be know problem.will have to get rid of the infection,pull the really bad teeth,move your jaw back so the bottom lines up with the top,then see which plan you want.implants which will be the most expensive your looking at like $1,500-$2500 a piece then there's the cost of the teeth which is super expensive to.or we can do a partial or a denture...but like i said I'm not going to take your case.
My sister and I were shocked,i was more like then why did you explain all this crap to me if you knew your going to say no I said quietly in my head.. Marilynn asked well hen what can we do.Dr. Thad said the reason I'm not going to do it is because I feel that your brother would be a perfect case for Baylor to could help teach the students and also could help you get a lower cost.Listen I work on the board at Baylor let me build a better profile for your brother and I'll go up there and present his case!

you thought we were shocked before,yeah this tops that.we were happy so happy,we felt that after a while of working and trying that God had opened up a door for us in the one place we saw it impossible to get in to. Dr.Thad said give me about 3 weeks and I'll get back to you..we said our thank yous and headed home to give the good report to the family and specially papa George.hope had come back. funny thing about my hope it would come and go like the passing wind.didn't have a lot of faith or trust in to much..really I was still all about me! just having finished Pathways all i wanted to do is get these teeth and go home asap.i had already been here for 4months,I was very selfish i didn't really care about anything else,or anyone else..not what you would expect from someone who just a few months ago "gave his life to Christ" there was still a major war going on i wasn't fully all for Him yet...

about 5 weeks from when we last saw Thad and no hope left he calls and says be on the look out for a Doctor named Maribelle she will be calling you about an appointment at Baylor.with great news you are in now I've done what i could do they've accepted your case i believe and want to see you.its all i can do good luck!

Yippee! i shouted we are in!told Marilynn the good news and days late Dr Maribelle calls to set up an appointment, so we go in.mind you I'm not from Texas and so I'm not all on board with the whole Texan slang with the yes Sir and yes Ma'am.anyways the meet went fairly well she took a look and started plan with my sister then she stepped out for a moment and that's when Marilynn looks at me and says "hey try to smile more and be a little more happy and Texans like to be called Ma'am or it might be nice to say Yes Ma'am.
Dr.Maribelle comes back in and so i smile more we talk more and she says well can you come back in next week? Yes!!! we both answer,She wanted to wait and talk to a few other doctors and she what they could do for me.she was building her team.
the following week we go back in and this time i was more happier then last time,smiled more and even threw in a few yes ma'am and yes sir's.we began to talk and here's the plan.Dr Maribelle was an oral Sergent and that's what she taught she was willing to wavier all fees towards the jaw surgery,then another doctor came in and said i will be removing your teeth and fixing the hole in your mouth.(this hole is on my upper jaw line and goes into my nostril) then 3 more doctors came in and one said I'll be handling the plastic surgery you may need after getting your jaw aligned there may be some minor work will do to your nose and we can take off the excess skin tissue from your lower lip and make it look normal.
(this part was huge for me being that it was the primary reason I went threw server rejection going up as a kid all threw elementary,Jr high and both high schools all the way up until i was 28yrs,made fun of my whole yes i want that gone.and ultimately its the reason why I walked out on God and got into what i got in to.but that is an entirely different part of my life story)
the other two doctors 1 was going to remove all my teeth and the other was going to install the implants.the Dr George Gonzales and his assistant came in and they said we will be making your teeth.
7 doctors all standing around me throwing there ideas out and talking deep doctor languages while at the same time forming there plan..I thought wow is this really happening? it is it is.thank you God.
a little later a woman walked in and pulled up a seat she was the budget director for Baylor's budget she decided how much money and where it went to so she wanted to hear their plan.
Dr.Maribelle started with first he needs to get all his teeth removed and when he is healed up from that I will go in and do the necessary jaw surgery cutting his jaw and moving it back 1/2inch and wavering all cost,and all my fees that i would normally get paid for.the next doctor said i will do the outer plastic surgery and am wavering all cost,the next said I'll close the gap in him gums free,one said I can wavier all the anesthetics needed for Dr.Maribelle's surgery and for some of the other small projects,Dr.Gonzales walks in and says I will be making the teeth and will get the implants for doctor so and so to put in.the implants we can go $800 a piece and for he teeth it will be done for $18k both top and bottom...the budget woman said and time? it will take 6 months -1yrs maybe 2 it all depends on how he heals so the total cost will be $26,000 dollars. and she said this all sounds good when would you like to start? asap they said.first the patient has infection and need his teeth removed.,She said well it looks like we need to start making appointments at Baylor medical for a space to work at.(which by the way was wavier to.)and we will begin this project in a few months.
one doctor came up and said we want to schedule u in 2 days to get all your to have all your teeth removed.either you can do it now or you can wait till their all ready to go but by waiting that will put everything back it be best to do it now while they are preparing every thing.
So i agreed and came back in 2 days.these doctors knew teeth were infected but they didn't really know how bad it was serious and after they said "we don't know how your still living,the extent of your infect was deadly at any time it could of traveled up to your brain and killed you or down to your heart and killed you." "you are very lucky" then i told them how long its been like that and they said how many years? you are definitely luckily! I Knew why it was being contained in that area for so long.and how.God had been holding it in that area until this moment when it could be fully taken care of.(that's not to say that during the time before Baylor i didn't suffer or fell pain..oh no i did it was very real.and thought I was gonna die a few times. God is mighty and He held it back.yea He cares) they put me asleep and begun there work pulling out what teeth i had left i think it was a total of 15-18 after they were threw they work me up drugged me up and sent us on our way.they said come back in 1 week....this was in early spring time of 2009.

to be continued...


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