Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the return trip

a couple of months ago we went to was my first mission trip ever.never been outta the safty and protection of the this country and into another land.The lord had put together the perfect team to go and do what needed to be down.I was very fortunate to be included on this trip.we did what we do over here but over there it was an awesome time to be able to work construction for some missionary's and to help build there medical building.

I remember on our free day half of us went to go zip line while the other half took a boat ride across a lake to go check out the market,but detoured to a lodge and walked was very nice and peaceful one point we stopped to sit for a bit and get something to we chilled there i stepped out on the patio and gazed at the blue water and sight of the the silence the Holy Spirit says " you'll be back".sure i though someday right.He say's no you'll be back soon.Yea right i said kinda went to shrug it off,because of the worldly mind says u wont get off of work close to the end of the year.and other doubts.but then He chimes in'll be back.Ok i said whenever ill be ready.

ah to be i feel so not ready.well maybe a little bit...but then a memory of a devotional i read last month that says If there is one thing that is consistent throughout scripture, it is this: God calls people when they are not ready. God will never call you into service when you think you are ready.
well with that being said what are we waiting for.not ready.packed and repacked then repacked again hoping no tools are forgetting at my house..cant sleep not tired,leave for the airport in 5 hours.wake up in 4.excited but nervous.only nervous because i dont like to mess ups on jobs specially when there probably no make ups.or redo's.But I do love to work,work hard and help people who need help.

So one thing different about this trip then the last is the prayer and my dad told me before he prayed.I had heard the story about my grandfather and him praying for my dad before.but my dad wasn't talking to me at the time..this time he was and he shared a bit more then what i heard. So he thought to speak the same prayer and blessing over my life aswell as dedicating me to the was a heart felt moment.I know that all blessing and good thing come from the LORD. and with Jesus inside of us we can show the love of Christ everywhere we go and anywhere He sends us...there is much ease in my mind know that He is sending me and not that its a me i wanna go with or without the ok from God. cause there was a time when all i wanted to do was go.but He knew it wasnt the right time... i will go whee ever He send me Ive already made up my where ever is next is cool with me.Uganda,China,up north way down south and from east to west.
I will go send me send me!
1st lets get threw this adventure. hopefully i'll get a chance to write about our trip while on the trip.if not i'll take plenty of notes and be sure to drop post when i get back!

If you pray please pray for the team,the work we hope to complete while there and for what God will do in us and through us.pray that Jesus invades the lives of many,the people get saved,healed and set free. alos pray that our luggage doesn't get might be tough to do work with no you if u pray.
be back soon

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