Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dec.10 2011

Eating in Guatemala it's a risk I took , if I die from it then I guess my mission here on this earth is. Complete. But if I just get sick then well it's ok. But I believe Jesus would protect me.besides He is the One who got me on this trip.
Thank You Lord for everything!!!

Well from that day we did are home visits I guess I had decided that if I was to get sick from it then that's a chance imma have to take. Ive already gotten sick from the extensive smells of pine needles in small places. Really if the bacteria from a little kids hand shake or hug and I forgot to use hand sanitizer and get sick,well it was worth it because they felt loved. Today was awesome. God is showing more then just serving Him by working manually, but to reach out o th kids and bring a smile or laughter to them. The food came from a party when got invited to while in the area.our leader Colleen works with the people in the area and the local pastor.well his son and the sons friend just so happen to graduate that day and so the Pastor threw a party for his son and the whole village was after the home visit we went to church(that's where the party was) and we had church,its always a great experience for me to be able to worshiping God in a different county and language.even if you dont know the language or speak me it paints a beautiful picture of what heaven will be like.

So after church we tried to leave asap when we got to the front door they redirected us around the side and up into an upper room where the graduates Grandparents were there who also are pastors then some other close family came up and of course the boys father and mother.we all sat and they served us something wrapped in banana leaves to be honest being from Hawaii the outside looked like a Lau Lau.but the inside was like mush with 2 chunks of chicken and 2 tortillas,Collen said it was tamales, anyhow I thought to myself this is great! we get to eat real Guatemalan food! others in the group were like NO Kainoa dont eat that! you don't have to eat it.u wont disrespect them by not eating it....well u know what happen right as they were saying that I felt that if i was gonna get sick and die from it then well it was gonna happen,no I ate it and thought nothing.It will be fine the food is blessed.beside if God really did spare me all those years to die from eating some local food.well then at least its been good being back in His house for these short years.

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