Sunday, January 8, 2012

kinda all over the place

what if we have counted the cost and the result looked good but really really hard.what if leaving everything behind to go way into the unknown for x amount of time not knowing if you would return or not.
What if u had been given a destination,a culture, a nation and its people on your heart.what if that that country was narrowed down to a specific city or small town? would u go then?

Well I've not been given the OK but its exactly like that.I thought i had counted everything until this last trip to Guatemala where he showed me a few more things.having gone threw em and its not fun but looking beyond the hard and seeing the outcome can be good,there was no doubt that its worth it.
Now other things pop up from time to time it make me wonder.
I sit sometimes and think about small things things that normal people probably dont think about like take this for example.I am a night owl right so I'll stay up all night and into the wee hours of the morning no problem.then sleep all day no probs..ok well what if I was night supposed to be in this time zone.what if the way im wired im  supposed to be in like Africa where our night is there day....

Or this one is even more pressing to me.everything is moving more to technology and computers/smart phones.everything digital and i feel im in the wrong age.when i was growing up in Hawaii it was perfect because in Hawaii everything is slower.we live at a slower pace everything is not now now relax we are getting there one step at a time...If you had a question for someone the instant answer wasnt the phrase "google it". we live in the infomation age but I swear people are getting dumber by the second.and its creating mad laziness.

Then there is working.what I'm i really working for.we build these buildings that are designed to last for decades but it seems every couple of years they get tore down or redone.we work for seemingly wealthy people who use there money carelessly building the next great building but with no real achievement at hand.I want to build something that actually has purpose that people will appreciate having.something that will help them and there communities ages down the talking about building good homes for the poor and needy.building churches that they can go to worship the living God.dig water wells that allow the people to draw fresh clean shelters where people will have a place to go when the weather turn from bad to worse.a place of protection to guard them from the storm. Orphanages for kids from baby to older child.a place where even if no one is coming for them they can have a place a home until that day does come. or that will help them be apart of a family,be able to either send them to school or bring school to them.a place where they will be loved and feel God's love all around.or even to help build/plant on farm lands and help the people cultivate there lands and bring food to their also build a store house of which they can store up food for all to share.

The vision goes for all over the world but i believe for now it is set on one specific place for me to travel to.

this whole idea came to me while at work one day in the middle of summer last year.30ft in the air and working away.when it hit my spirit."Something's not right"the feeling began to grow rapidly until i was wrecked my mind raced about thoughts of what am i working for how is this building up the Kingdom of what point will any of this matter.all these idea began to flow I felt with all the skills God has given me each year is the for something that really doesn't make a difference.a few moments later i was so stirred i began to cry in my heart and a few tears fell as well but it was so overwhelming that i had to come down.i had to share this with my mentor. my thought was what can i do God? im just a poor low end construction worker. i'll never have the money to go to the place i wish to go our that my heart longs to go.

From that day on a few things started happening that were all by His design,and i found my self on my first mission trip to Guatemala with 14 other construction workers a lot of them where master of there profession.some didn't do that kind of what any more and some of us where jack of all trades master of none. but all were hand selected by God and drawn to this trip to do the work that layed in front of us.

2 weeks before that trip when I new breaking/burden began for a country i clearly remember saying to myself i would never go there and it is in that country where I am going to this summer.although i do not know what exactly will happen there or how i can even help.there are a vast number of things i do not know but its cool i am at peace with is not on me to know everything and He will be there as it happen.I'm totally comfortable in saying that I do not know but I know He does all my hope is in Him.
this feeling of somethings not right keeps coming back,getting reminded of the people in the country and just different things here and there that keep happing all point me to this place and how i should just go.

- you'll never know until you try!
- when your 100% sure,your already to late.
- God doesn't use you when your ready.He uses you when He is ready.
- Life is about chances and risk,sometimes you just have to take a chance and  risk it all!
- keep moving forward never look back your future is ahead and doesn't live in your past.
 just some things that encourage me from time to time.

Jesus said we are to 1st love God with all our heart soul and mind.and 2nd love our neighbor as ourselves.
with that been said How can i go on everyday passing up an opportunity to help a fellow man.also i agree with a person who said i would not want myself to go starving.

 Jesus doesn't ask that we care for the poor and needy,He demands it.
When calling are self Christ followers caring for the orphans,widowed and desolate are not an option its a requirement. - Katie Davis

in this new year i had not tried to make some resolution say what i'm not going to do this year or give up doing or whatever but instead the only thing that came to mind was this year will be a year of  simply saying "yes!" to everything He says,no matter how crazy it may seem or heart and soul will say yes.

I dont think its about having been to seminary or bible collage to have a paper that says you can now be a preacher or worship leader or missionary.I think its more about being available for when He calls you.just saying yes and studying His word in your bible and waiting for His call...Jesus used uneducated men.they were fisherman and tax collector,they did not have degrees in theology or where already priest and scholars.
So there was a time when i felt like what can i do i'm just a construction work....there is actually more then you would think you could do.just be available and say yes

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