Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 1 June 18,2012

well really it is more like Day 3 or 4 because we had to travel to get where we were. Anyways so that morning the orphanage team got to go Amani baby cottage,and Home sweet home.The Medical team went somewhere but alas us Outreach team members went straight to the Hotel's conference room. We worked on a drama most of the day called Rag Man(you can find it on YouTube) next we spent a few short hours practicing a few other skits as Ice breakers to the crowds.

after many many hours of doing all of this we came to a more serious point were we formed a circle and share something about us.our leader started and took it deep into past hurts and pains that The LORD has healed her from.when she finished she said "you dont have to go to the depths you can share anything you want to" But apparently nobody cared about that and we all opened our hearts and shared our deepest secrets and hurts that we wouldn't normally share with just anyone....ok maybe I would!
no i think by doing this we all got a deeper connection to one another it was Sooo Tight!

(if i ever get a chance to lead an outreach or a project overseas or in the mission field that is an extended amount of time I believe I'll be doing something like what we did in Uganda)(it just connected everyone)

after all that its a bit of a blur what we did.maybe practiced some more.until the teams came back and shared their stories then we went out to eat and prepared for the next day.

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