Wednesday, November 30, 2011

His Provision

So in the month of November He has been teaching me that His provision is alway on time and He is faithful with taking care of His kids needs!
late October God began to teach me of giving,and giving more often.November rolls around and giving is a sinch,giving more,more often is do comes in to play giving over the top....ok so this 1 time it was like what? I dont think i heard You much? i know Your God but are You sure? Ok yea Im not gonna say I was all on board when it fact I struggled,but in the end i didnt wanna disobey so i did it..then towards the end of november God showed me His provision.
Both times totally unexpected.first time I was giving X amount of dollars towards a non profit my sister made for me to get some teeth..very long story but you can expect I will be writing on this in fact I've already started.
but this second time was more amazing then the first one.

Today after work I scrambled threw traffic watch the dude in front of me get a ticket,swurved threw the mess on the highways all to hopefully make it to the Gateway Global office before 5pm to pay what i could for this mission trip God has called me to go right before i get to the office I stopped at the atm...oh snap where is my bank card?  go to park and start to look for it all over my truck.I thought to myself I know i brought it,Then the emeny say No u left it at home,you lossed it and all these other things.I was like Homie Shut it and Shut up!
started checking every place twice then to my surprise i found had fallen out of the place i put it and was hidden between the floor and the seat.oh thank God so its back to the atm,I knew how much was in there and figured well.its not enough but perhaps i'll just empty it and try to live off of $50 for the next week..I can do I thought.i'll only need emptied my acct..shortly after i make it to the office and just in time. when i saw Mari i handed what i had to her and said im still short...not really knowing who i get the rest from.started to think well maybe i can borrow it(i dont like to borrow money from anyone) Mari walked me back to her computer and was like how much is this.oh no no no she said shaking her head.I thought to myself oh maybe they took me off the trip.then she turns around and says this is to much.
No its not i said.yea it is she only have $175 to go...Um what? how could this be I replied.then Mari says well somebody but they said not to tell you who it was has donated into your balance for this trip so you only have 175. to go.
stunned and in awe.Thank You God!,then it really hit me Mari says see God really does what u on this trip.He called You and u responded to His call....WOW and in awe never Have i experienced God's provision like this..I mean I had been wondering if i was even supposed to be on this trip,then she said heart became overwhelmed and He says your welcome....

The first amount of His provision was big way bigger then this one.and it felt good and yes im very thankful for it.but this smaller amount is a thousand times more greater then the big one point I had came across a non-profit called RU4children.and all i wanted to do was help them to the point of If i had control of the money for my teeth I would have gave it all to those orphans....I still feel that way...even with the new amount of money set aside for teeth,this smaller amount is like,whoa,I guess cause this is what God broke my heart go around the world and Using the skills He has given me to help build medical buildings,homes,orphanages,schools,playgrounds and what ever else + dig wells all for His children all over the countries and people who really need them....Now i get to go back again...God is so good to me more then I fact I dont deserve any of this.But I am extremely thankful!

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