Friday, June 7, 2013

good to go

 Thanks for the Help

about a week ago in the midst of worry I thought it might be a good idea to make a plan B,so after connecting with a few people I decided that this trip was going to be a lot different.while still hoping that Plan A would come through Plan B looked more hectic solo then I thought. with the help of a Friend and some advice from a few Pastor's who all said to go for it and that it would be an adventure I decided sure why not. I mean i am holding my tickets to Africa in hand and everything else seem to line up with it.

well this week The LORD provided 956.40 through a few strangers,and many friends.I am very thankful to be a part of the team and look forward to seeing them when they arrive in Jinja, Uganda.

My Amazing friends Newman and Avery had prepared me  survival pack and have given it to me a day before everything came together..
. If the van happens to break leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere.I'll be prepared to fend off Lions,hyena's and anything else trying to eat us.a snake bit kit to keep ya alive a few more hours,plus other great items.
what? Unclean water you say...No Problems  will just take this and UV nuke all the crap out and wahlah pure drinking water!

So i leave my home to head for the airport in a few hours, hope on a plane and sit in Dulles Airport  until 6pm tomorrow.then hop on over to London arrive at 6am and wait there until 6-9pm for the last flight and arrive in Uganda early Sunday morning...A lot of people watching,reading,thinking,writing,and hopefully sleeping is about to take place.

Thank you for everyone who has supported a piece of this trip.
I honestly cant tell you what is about to happen. but I can say that its going to be an Adventure with Papa and me.

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