Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 7th

American Airlines has redeemed it self today, last year when my bro in law and I went to check me in the ticket clerk was an ass big time the dude started talking to me as if I was 5 and then yelled at me and snarled a few times. It sucked plus he made me pay $200 for an extr bag. When I said what I thought the price was he lol an said that's impossible. And proceeded to charge an insane amount.

This time however the person who did my bags said there both free. Free? I said in shock. Yes she replied and they will arrive in Uganda where you will pick them up. So don't worry about them.
Still in shock I showed her the paper I had that said my second bag was $60. She then said nope it's free and your good to go!

I then went to the counter where I had some questions to ask the ticket clerk. Ah sweet redemption again this guy was nice and helpful answered all my questions with a smile and provided the information I needed. Have a good day he said as I turned to walk away.
Before turning I said thank you! And explained a little of last years expirence. He then said well you should of came to me cause that's just not right.

Ah sweet security line. No problem Mon.
A little wait but 20mins later in and out and on to my gate.

Left DFW at 8:40 pm and landed In Dulles international airport.
I think I'm in Virginia or maybe it's west Virginia. I would like to come back here some day and go site seeing  it this is not one of those trips.

Now to find a place to sleep and continue to wait for the next flight!

Thank You Jesus for this day. Amen

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