Saturday, June 1, 2013


Yolo!!! yea thats right You Only Live Once!

So they days ahead will come fast and be busy...very busy, still have to right about past trips,Battle reports of what God's done in the live of people down in Guatemala and over in Acuna,Mexico.those are coming soon.

as for an Update to Africa. here it is

originally it was just a 2week trip again with Believers World outreach aka BWO. Then some friends of mine said hey Kai would you want to stay an extra week? Sure i thought..this is so cool 2weeks is now 3 the weeks went by a friend of mine called an said "Kainoa My wife Jess and i really want to help you get to Uganda and Guatemala but we have no money". No worries i said.God will provide.
Yes! yes he did. so my friend say i have an American Airlines Credit card and we were going to use it for a vacation for us. but since Zoe arrived(their new born Girl) the 3 of us are not going anywhere soon. So i have enough to Uganda and maybe enough for Guatemala...needless to say he got both in so I went to GUA already and now headed to Uganda. Good is good!

but it gets better the only trip that was available was leave DFW June 7th and come home July 10....yea can we say 1 month trip!
so the new plan was to be spend a week in Jinja and wait for the BWO team to come in.then join them and saty a week after they left. by getting my own ticket this shaved off roughly 1000. from the trip. still needed 1650. in by which i raised $750. today June 1st was the deadline to get $956.40 in well i can say thats not happening... yes im still going to Africa but I wont be meeting up with the team.

BWO will not give me back the funds i sent in from people you supported my trip.instead they keep it and say they can put it twords another trip good for up to 1 year...well this doesnt really help me.
I've got a plane ticket(RT) a bag of shoes,and some dried food.up intill 2 hours ago i didnt have a place to stay for 2 weeks. but now the new plan is
1st week in Jinja working at an orphange,then hopefully visiting another orphanages with special needs kids. then i dont yet know how but making my way on the 17th or 18th to Masaka,Uganda to stay at an orphanage my friend Nana helped build last year. for 2 weeks then possibly moving to another place in the same area.

so now with a 6days to go i am still raising funds but no longer for BWO but for the needs in country..this trip is definitely not like last years.instead its more focused on 2 or 3 areas. more time spent with the same people.I like it. i know that all these "plans" can change but ultimatly I know who is in control and see what I can not see. Therefore I will not be afraid.

My sister just called and said Sooo this is no longer a missions trip then?
ah yea it is.cause Im not going on vacation here.I'll be working for the LORD,where the Holy Spirit leads, praying for those who need it. playing with hundreds of kids,hopeing to see people get saved,healed,set free and liveing in the love of Jesus Christ.
in fact every believer is on the mission field everyday of your life. it may not look like what you would think a mission trip should look like. or you may not be going to a foreign country like Africa, Guatemala, or Russia. but your mission is right here in front of you. even when I am here i focus on the things around me here to expand the Kingdom for His Glory and expand the family.

James 4;14 says you do not know what will happen tomorrow,your life is but a vapor here for a little while then it vanishes away.
this is true so every chance you get love on someone through a smile not just words.

a guy once said "Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words."

out giving my life away

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